SciTec Nutrition Superhero Pre-Workout Review

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I’m still aching from a heavy push/pull session as I write this.

Need to crack on though and want to keep business going (I’m not a pussy either) so thought I’d take a moment and get some work done. Not going to let the DOMS win.

We all want to be a hero, right? Strong, quick and knocking back pre-workouts. SciTec nutritions latest pre-workout offering promises just this.

It contains a big dose of some of the key pre-workout ingredients and comes from a trustworthy and reputable company. It’s hard to be the best, but on first look this looks a solid product.

Testosterone booster banner

Core Ingredients

There’s some great ingredients that will get you some decent results with SciTec Nutritions Superhero pre-workout. It contains a good dose of each of them that will deliver a solid pump and good amount of energy. Problem we have is there is are also some ingredients in here that could cause you some annoying side effects.


A solid pre-workout ingredient. You need this in any product to give you a nice bit of energy for hitting the weights/doing cardio or whatever. Caffiene speeds up the metabolism and ensures you will last longer working out. This product certainly has a high dose of it too, so we’d recommend checking your tolerance first.

Beta Alanine

An amino acid that helps with raise protein carnosine levels in muscles, reportedly improving performance. The probably with dosing it in a pre-workout is this is something that occurs over time, and pre-workouts can be a little overbearing if you take them each workout. Another small issue is the side effect of itching, this can get very annoying for you in workouts.

Green Tea Extract

The focus of having green tea in extract in your pre-workout is to take advantage of both the theacrine and small amount caffiene. Theacrine similar to theanine, as we will go into below, is an amino acid that will help produce a relaxing effect in your brain. Caffeine, gives you more energy. It does seem a bit pointless having this ingredient in here.


An amino acid that’s commonly used in pre-workouts to improve focus and lift mood, making you perform better. A solid pre-workout ingredient but is a little under dosed in this product.

Vitamin C

One of the best vitamins to help naturally lift mood and provide a small boost in energy. This will also contribute to recovery and overall health. It would however, be better to get some B vitamins in here instead, as these would have more of a direct effect on your performance.


Should be the main focus of any pre-workout you are buying. Citrulline is proven to improve pump and performance. Frustratingly there is room for a higher dose of this ingredient in to get you the absolute best results from a pre-workout.


The jury is still out on the effectiveness of carnitine and the correct dosing. You need to do a fair bit of digging to find solid scientific evidence for it improving performance in athletes. We have supplemented it in the past and did get some reasonable results, however we’d much prefer to see some creatine in here instead.

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1 scoop 30 minutes before a workout. Standard. We’d take a double scoop of this with caution as 300mg of caffeine could be very overbearing and lead to crashing and jitters.

Superhero Pre-Workout Side Effects

If you double scoop this product you will get some fairly strong jitters and also a very strong tingling sense from the beta alanine.

From a single scoop there will most likely be minimal side effects, but you ideally want a pre-workout that is safe to double scoop for days when you need that extra kick.


What’s the Cost

SciTec is available for $37 or roughly £30 online. This isn’t too bad in terms of price, but there are more dependable pre-workouts with better quality ingredients and more targeted at improving performance. Check out our top 3 for better products at a similar price.

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SciTec Nutrition Superhero Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

This is a solid product, it will give you some solid improvements to performance. However for a little more money you can buy a more premium product with a better ingredients profile. It feels as if SciTec put as many ingredients as possible in Superhero, with a massive dose of caffeine.


Top 3 Pre-Workout Comparison

4-gauge-table pre-jym-table
Product Website
Manufacturer  Roar Ambition  Transparent Labs  Jym
Proprietary Blend  No  No No
Side Effects  None  Yes, Mild  Yes
Suitable For Anyone  Bodybuilders, Athletes  Bodybuilders, Athletes
Shipping Worldwide Worldwide  Dependent on retailer
Premium  Yes  Yes  No
Price  $49.00/ £30.00  $49.00  Around $47 / £28.00
Overall Score  9.8  9.2  8.5

SciTec Nutrition Superhero Pre-Workout Review Conclusion
  • 6.8/10
    SciTec Nutrition Superhero Pre-Workout Review Conclusion - 6.8/10

SciTec Nutrition Superhero Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

A solid pre-workout, but it has a lot of non-ingredients in. You can get something far more effective and fine tuned for a similar price. Check out our top 3.

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