Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Review

My Authour BoxI don’t take drugs. Well I do, but just supplements. Sure I’ve tried pre workouts that are probably similar to crack, but I don’t expect them to be. With this Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Review I expect to be on a street corner shaking and after change to feed my Krack addition in no time.

This product looks strong. With branding similar to the old parental advisory warnings, we are expecting something raw and potent.

Pharma Legals supplements are exclusively available from A1supplements online. If they are stocked there this should instill a bit of trust.

The product uses a hidden blend, which is a BAD thing to showcase it’s pre workout ingredients.

Let’s take a look to see if this product is going to give you a solid pre workout experience, or just leave you shaking and Kracky, collapsed after 1 set of squats.


Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Ingredients

The Kracked out blend in Pharma Legals pre workout contains some nice amino acids and other ingredients that will certainly help with energy.

There are some lesser used pre workout ingredients, which isn’t a good thing. Especially when you can’t see the individual doses of the ingredients.

Here are the main pre workout ingredients that feature in Kracked Out. Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Ingredients

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a good addition for a pre workout, and again can aid with strength and endurance. The problem is though, if you are not used to it, it can cause severe itching side effects.


Creatine needs around 4000+mg to be effective. Whilst it’s good to have a touch added to a pre workout, it’s generally under dosed. Creatine allows more energy to pass into muscle at a cellular level, increasing strength and endurance.


A solid pre workout ingredient that can speed up your metabolism and also increase endurance and energy.

Usually proprietary blends though, are hiding the fact they are full of caffeine to lead you into the false sense of other ingredients working. If caffeine is dosed incorrectly too, then you can be sure that you will most likely get some unwanted side effects.

Ephedra Nevadensis Powder

Not to be confused with Ephedra. Ephedra is the banned substance that causes unwanted side effects. This ingredient isn’t that and is actually referred to normally as ‘Mormon Tea’. There is no evidence to support any uses of this ingredient. Especially not from an athletic or fitness stand point.

It seems Phrama Legal have added this in as a gimmick more than anything else.

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Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Dose

We CAN’T SEE THE DOSE. This is most likely because Pharma Legal don’t want us to see that this product has been packed with cheap ineffective ingredients as opposed to the better cleaner pre workout standards.

Yes this formula looks interesting on paper, but you need to ask if it’s really going to deliver you an awesome workout?

Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Side Effects

You may get some itching if there is a high dose of the beta alanine. The caffeine is most likely dosed pretty highly in this product to make you think you are getting some major side effects. However this is likely not the case.

Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Cost

$59.99 for 30 servings (Sometimes on promotion for cheaper. But why risk it? You can get one of our proven top 3 products that use a clean set of pre workout ingredients to deliver a far better workout.

They also won’t make you feel itchy, crashy or like you are on Krack….

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Pharma Legal Kracked Out Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A proprietary blend has ruined this product. We literally cannot see any amounts of any ingredients and on that basis can’t make an informed decision about what it’s going to do.

It does look cool, which is great. (Not as cool as our shotgun shell number #1) but ultimately it just won’t really deliver the results you need. The dose is small too, at only 3.7g per serving.

Save money and don’t risk feeling shit and check out our current top 3 pre workouts. 

Top 3 Pre-Workout Comparison

4-gauge-table pre-jym-table
Product Website
Manufacturer  Roar Ambition  Transparent Labs  Jym
Proprietary Blend  No  No No
Side Effects  None  Yes, Mild  Yes
Suitable For Anyone  Bodybuilders, Athletes  Bodybuilders, Athletes
Shipping Worldwide Worldwide  Dependent on retailer
Premium  Yes  Yes  No
Price  $49.00/ £30.00  $49.00  Around $47 / £28.00
Overall Score  9.8  9.2  8.5

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