5 Ways to Stick to Your 2017 Fitness Goals

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, sort of. We give you some top tips on how to avoid starting from the bottom in 2017. These are easy, affordable and effective ways to ensure you are feeling and looking GREAT by the time January 2nd comes around.

And no you don’t have to cut back through Christmas or be spending Christmas eve sweating on a treadmill, you just need to plan, organise and maybe sweat a little.



Healthy Scrapbook ideas

#1 Create a 2017 Cookbook

It’s the food that makes Christmas. But, it’s also all this food that causes to you balloon for January. Why not make sure you have a load of healthy recipes on hand to help you hit the ground running in the New Year?  Cut them out from magazines, print them off from websites and then throw them all together in a notepad! You could even try and make Christmas dinner a touch healthier.


Xercise4less Leeds
Xercise4less, Leeds UK

#2 Join a Gym…NOW

Why wait until New Years? By joining a gym early on, you are giving yourself time to really get into the swing of it before the inevitable Christmas binge hits. Not only will this mean you’re not having to loosen the belt in January, but you’re also giving yourself a head start from all the other New Years resolution gym goers. Joining a gym doesn’t have to be expensive, take Xercise4Less for example, top of the range equipment, an unparalleled sense of community and support for new members all for as little as a tenner a month!




#3 Hit Goals with the Right Supplements

The supplements industry is booming, the market in the US alone is now worth over a billion dollars. When used right, a supplement can be your best friend. Giving you the extra edge on hitting targets. Always though, check the label and try to ensure you get something completely natural.

For burning extra fat, check out our review of Instant Knockout. Supplements don’t come cheap, but they can change your life!



Set Your Goals Early

 #4 Set Your Goals for January and Beyond

Yep. Fancy running Tough Mudder in 2017? Sign up now. Want to be able to fit into a jean size lower in January (easy, right?!) then cement that goal in your brain as soon as you can. By telling friends and family about your January goals, whatever they are, you’re more likely to get support and see them through! You could even go booze free in December for charity…maybe…




#5 Invest in Yourself, Before You Spend Up

You heard us right. Now is the best time to invest in YOU. We’re not talking a new dress, car or games console though. Treat yourself to something that will get you active, gym clothes are a great shout. Science has actually proven that even by putting on some fresh gym clothes, you are more likely to engage in athletic activity. The boffins have called it ‘enclothed cognition‘.


Remember, fitness is all about you. You’re not losing weight for anyone else, but yourself. So why put it off? A better healthier you could be just around the corner. Make those goals. Smash them. Then, you’ll be all set to aim for the stars.

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