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I get asked a lot of questions about a lot of products. My muscles and abs didn’t come easy, but supplements did make it easier. Recently I’ve noticed a few more people coming forward and asking “what is TestoGen”. This is quite a general statement, to be answered properly we need to really understand what testosterone is.

Testosterone is produced in the testes, it basically controls your masculine features and is the primary male anabolic hormone.

The hormone is actually an androgen and whilst controlling your masculine features, strength, beard growth and performance, it also increases protein metabolism and the inhibition of protein breakdown.

The higher your testosterone, the better. Especially in terms of libido and exercise performance. It can also make you look hotter to girls and feel healthier too.

To get these benefits;

There are a number of natural boosters for testosterone and many can be found in your day to day diet. But, a natural testosterone boosting supplement can be used if you want to jack up your levels higher than normal. TestoGen is an example of these.


What Actually is TestoGen?

TestoGen is a natural booster of the male hormone, testosterone. There are many benefits to higher testosterone, increased muscle mass, more energy and increased libido to name a few. TestoGen uses capsules to deliver it’s natural blend of ingredients.

Does TestoGen Work?

TestoGen is one of many testosterone boosters on the market. Some will give you quick, safe results using a blend of clincally dosed and scientifically proven ingredients. Whilst others will just try and take your money and give you a cheap, poorly dosed blend of weird herbs.

Getting a testosterone booster with a blend that works is absolutely crucial, TestoGen’s blend is analysed in full below. If it does use the right ingredients at correct doses though, it will work.

(There are better natural boosters than TestoGen, I cover these in my top 3)

What is Inside TestoGen? – The Ingredients

TestoGen uses natural ingredients to increase your levels of testosterone. Upon analysis, the ingredients in TestoGen are quite good. However there is a lot of room for improvement to really maximise your testoserone levels.


A ingredient that was made popular by the Soviet Olympic teams as they thought it had testosterone boosting properties.

Science has since disproven it’s use as a natural testosterone booster and supplements that use it are just trying to play on it’s clever marketing. A waste of your time and should be replaced with proven ingredients like Oyster Powder.

D-Aspartic Acid

This wonder ingredient helps produce hormones. It stimulates the production of the lutenizing hormone in the testes.

This hormone is then converted to testosterone, which in turn can help increase your strength, stamina and libido.


Scientifically proven to increase testosterone, improve insulin release aiding muscles and also work as a good anti oxidant. Fenugreek needs to be on your testosterone booster shopping list.

Ginseng Extract

Stimulates your libido and increases overall energy levels. This proven root is something that has been used for many years as an aphrodisiac.

It’s only recently that it has been used in testosterone boosting supplements.


Can aid in lowering blood pressure, but ultimately isn’t as good as minerals like Zinc and Magnesium. There needs to be a few more studies into the testosterone boosting effects of selenium before you should be spending money on it.


Vitamin D

Essential for any testosterone booster. It can slow the down testerone getting converted to estrogen (the female sex hormone) and has actually been scientifically proven to increase levels of free testosterone in your blood.

What Will TestoGen Do for Me?

TestoGen will increase testosterone to a certain extent. There are some ingredients in here though that won’t really do anything.

In short whilst this blend does have some of the key ingredients we look for in a booster, it’s not the best that is out there. We have a list of a top 3, that offer a more complete and proven set of ingredients and dosing structure.

Ultimately though, the right testosterone booster will increase libido, make you more muscular and make you feel powerful and more energized. I got results like this from TestoFuel (not TestoGen) in under 2 week!

Is there any better Products than TestoGen?

Yes. Buying the right testosterone booster can be a tough choice, there’s lots of scam products out there with weak ingredients.

Luckily, to avoid getting ripped off, we’ve put the best of these products into a top 3 page.

The cost for a solid, premium booster can be a little more than these lowly dosed mild products like TestoGen. Just keep a look out for natural, proven ingredients in high doses.

What goes into TestoGen isn’t bad, but you could be getting quicker results from our top 3.

TestoFuel Results
TestoFuel Results – 90 Day Guarantee

Top 3 Testosterone Booster Comparison Table

testofuel-table prime-male-table testogen-product
Product Website  www.testofuel.com  www.primemale.com www.testogen.com
Manufacturer  Roar Ambition  Propura  TestoGen
Proprietary Blend  No  No No
Side Effects  No  No  Some, Mild
Suitable For  Bodybuilders,Athletes  Bodybuilders, Athletes, Older guys  Kids
Shipping  Worldwide  Worldwide  UK, US
Guarantee  90 Day Money Back  90 Day Money Back  No
Price  £39.00 / $65.00 (Offers available)  £39.00 /$69.00 (Offers available)  Around £35/$60
Natural and Legal  Yes  Yes  Yes
Overall Score  8.9  8.4  7.5

Where can I buy TestoGen?

You can find TestoGen available online. It’s not available in any retailers like Amazon, Bodybuilding.com or ebay due to it coming from one specific website to order only.

Sites like this are either used by scam supplements, or supplements that use one page to really get a good point accross with what their product will do and how to use it.

A good example a testosterone booster with sound knowledge would be TestoFuel, who have a massive blog that covers everything you need to know about testosterone.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel

Our number #1 testosterone booster gives you more bang for your testosterone buck than TestoGen, with higher doses, a 90 day RESULTS guarantee and worldwide shipping you can guarantee higher testosterone after 30 days using something real like TestoFuel.

Sadly TestoGen, whilst in the right ball park uses unproven ingredients like Tribulus and only has 10% of the dose of vitamin D when compared with TesoFuel.

Below is a review of TestoFuel by William, who had trouble boosting his testosterone.

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