Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Review

My Authour BoxI remember when I picked a pre workout at random once. I wanted to save a bit of my cash (in short supply, unless it’s payday $$$) and I felt like I was going to DIE. My Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Review will find out if this product is worth your (and my) hard earned cash.

This product’s name is great. DOOM instills a nice sense of fear in you before the weight room, in a sort of LIFT OR DIE sort of way. The product feels solid too, with a premium well thought edge.

The ingredients looked to be tucked away in a proprietary blend though, which is a little annoying. And the dose of caffeine is MASSIVE so be careful of that. Let’s take a deep look into it anyway.


Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Core Ingredients

There is a nice small list of some key pre workout ingredients in here. The caffeine will most likely cause some side effects as it’s dosed so high, but other than that the list is fairly good.

There is an annoying semi proprietary blend hiding the nutritional facts from us in full. So we can only work from the %. But this looks very focused on a couple of amino acids. 


An apparent focus on creatine here, we don’t know exactly what is in this, but creatine allows

The amount of of creatine you need to get the strength gains is around 5000mg. So just be aware of this.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a fairly good ingredient for improving performance in a pre workout. However it’s also one of our least favourites.

If you are buying a pre workout that has a big focus on beta alanine you are most like to get that ‘itching’ /tear my skin off feeling from it. It can be intensely distracting throughout a workout!


Helps increase that PUMP and gets blood flowing to muscles. It does this by increasing nitric oxide production in a similar to pre workout favourite L-Citrulline.


Helps with focus, at the correct dose and is a great ingredient when blended with caffeine.

Our number #1 pre workout uses this powerful combination to deliver it’s explosive results.


A solid pre-workout ingredient. You need this in any product to give you a nice bit of energy for hitting the weights/doing cardio/meal prepping for 4 hours on a Sunday.

Caffiene speeds up the metabolism and ensures you will last longer working out.

Doom has a massive 400mg of caffeine. One of the highest doses we’ve seen. It’s not great really, as you will feel awake, but when you crash you’ll feel bad.

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Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Dose

2 scoops will get you 400mg of caffeine and a heavy dose of beta alanine.

We can’t really advise a double scoop of this supplement as it would gurantee some annoying side effects.

WHY did they have to hide individual doses 🙁

Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Side Effects

You’ll most likely have a crash from so much caffeine, which isn’t ideal.

If you double scoop you could also be feeling headaches and a bit sick. So just be wary of this.

The beta alanine is guaranteed to give you an itching and tingling sensation that can be extremely annoying too.

Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Cost

A$60. Pretty pricey for anything that hides it’s ingredients doses in a blend. Whilst we are sure you will get some reasonable results from this product, there’s also a chance they’ve used cheaper ingredients and not wanted to put actual dosing in.

There’s also a heavy reliance on caffeine to get any proper pre workout effects. This isn’t good or worth the price tag.

Check out our top 3 that ship worldwide.

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Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Conclusion

A very heavy price tag for a hidden blend of ingredients and a major dose of caffeine means doom isn’t really worth dying for.

Whilst you will get some alright results, it’s not as exciting or as reliable as we’ve come to expect from Victory Labs! Gutted!

Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Conclusion
  • 5.6/10
    Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Conclusion - 5.6/10

Victory Labs Doom Pre Workout Conclusion

DOOMED! Is what you will be feeling after the caffeine wears off.

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