Testo Labs Review

A UK based company, we forget the name, present their testosterone booster ‘Testo Labs’. If you’re one of the 500 daily readers of GymShock you’re probably asking yourself why you are reading the same review twice. You’re not. This is a near identical brand to the well established and proven ‘TestoFuel‘ which we feature in our top 3. So, is this any good?

Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile whilst containing many parallells to popular, natural testosterone boosters seems quite good in Testo Labs. But what you need to ask yourself is where is this product made. Whilst all our current top 3, and any supplement worth the money, are made in GMP approved safe facilites, we cannot account for this product. The only real address links to a house in Leeds, United Kingdom.


Tribulus Terrestris

Right, so this product is linked heavily to the athletes training in the cold war era. It was hailed as a breakthrough ingredient in terms of enhancing performance. This isn’t proven, or correct and it gets used in lots of testosterone boosters because of it’s marketability. Tribulus shouldn’t be on your list when buying a testosterone booster.

D-Aspartic Acid

Good to see. D-asparatic acid is a great ingredient for any testosterone booster. As you probably already know it’s been used within the lifting community for some time. This amino acid has been scientifically proven to directly influence testosterone release in the pituitary gland and testes. For a solid effect you need around 2000mg of this ingredient throughout the day. Testo Labs is hugely under dosed.

Korean Ginseng

A good testosterone booster! But this product most likely has the cheap version. It’s also under dosed. A real shame.

Magnesium and Zinc

Proven to boost testosoterone. This minerals are involved the production of the lutenizing hormone, which is later converted into growth hormone and testosterone. You are getting well under dosed with these vital minerals in this product. But at least they’ve made an effort.


Another good tesoterone boosting ingredient that’s good to see in this product. Again it’s slightly underdosed. It works to help improve a number of sexual hormones in men.

Vitmain D

Men with lower vitamin D, have lower levels of testosterone. Science has proven that. Supplementing vitamin d helps the body with hormone product and also improvements to metabolic rate. There are actaully receptors that absorb vitamin d in your hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

Testo Labs Side Effects

There probably won’t be any side effects from this product. Don’t let that fool you though, it’s because there will most likely be minimal effect given the small dose of key testosterone boosting ingredients.

What’s the Cost?

Too much. Given the massively underdosed levels of DAA and other key minerals, we’d say this indeed a cheap knock off of the well established TestoFuel. If you are serious about making gains, you need something with a way higher dosage. This means a slightly higher price, but at least you know it’s safely manufactured.

Testo Labs Review Conclusion

Sadly this isn’t a cheaper version of a solid product, it’s a half dosed imitation. It’s lowly dosed, has minimal support and is made in a house in a UK city. We just don’t trust it and wouldn’t risk our money or our bodies on it.

Testo Labs Review Conclusion
  • 3.3/10
    Testo Labs Review Conclusion - 3.3/10

Testo Labs Review Conclusion

You won’t make gains. You’ll just lose a little bit of money. Check out our top 3 if you are serious about optimizing testosterone.

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