Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Review

I always sleep like a baby after the gym. My girlfriend sometimes get’s a little annoyed as it can be hard to wake me up. What’s a bro to do? After staring into the eyes of this Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre-Workout Review I didn’t sleep so well though.

This scary looking product looked right into my soul, and challenged me. The product and brand do look pretty cool and come from a fairly well respected company Strikefirst Nutrition.

As we take a look at the ingredients of the product though, there is something even scarier than the eyes. PROPRIETARY BLENDS.  This means we can’t see the individual doses of the ingredients in this product. Which is BAD.

Let’s take a closer look to see what you will be taking in unknown amounts anyway…


Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Core Ingredients

There is a tiny amount of ingredients in this product. Whilst you may think that the ingredients inlcuded are pretty good (L-Taurine, Agmatine, Creatine) they are only in a blend of 2758mg.

That means that none will be potent enough to deliver proper results without double (or triple) scooping,

There’s also a couple of ingredients in here that could cause some side effects. Especially if they are dosed badly. 

Strength and Pump Matrix

You are likely to get a small increase in strength from the L-Taurine, Creatine and Beta Alanine and a pump from Agmatine. But again, this blend only has a total of 2758mg ingredients.

This is also likely stuffed with the cheaper option to ensure maximum profitability. The Beta Alanine if dosed highly will also lead to the itching side effect. IF it’s dosed highly.

Chances are it won’t be. As an example an effective dose of creatine would be 5000mg alone.

Energy Blend

Right, so you can’t see what you are taking in this blend either…one ingredient is jumping out the screen at us though, Synephrine.

This is similar to Ephedrene. Which is a banned substance. Whilst synephrine is legal, it’s similarities mean that it can carry some of the same nasty side effects too. You do not need this ingredient.

The caffeine in here is good and a safe bet for a pre workout, but we couldn’t say what the dose is. Could be 400mg which is too much. But then it could be 1mg, which isn’t enough. We just can’t see.

The other ingredients in this sinister blend play second seat to Synephrine here. Just be cautious if you are supplementing this.

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Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop is 1 serving. We just simply wouldn’t double scoop anything with synephrine in. Even if we could see the dose.

There’s too much risk much risk with proprietary blends.

Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Side Effects

Synephrine can lead to some awful side effects like Nausea, vomiting and headaches. It can also cause crashes if it’s not dosed right.

Beta alanine, will give you an itching or tingling side effect and if dosed wrong could be very annoying and outweigh the benefits.

Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Taste

Cherry Lime….Sinister Sour! From artificial sources which isn’t great, but that’s not the worst thing about this product unfortunately.

Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Cost

$59.99 for 50 servings. This seems like a good deal. But you’re really getting what you pay for.

You can get a far better product, that will give you a better pump, no nasty side effects and pure energy and clinically dosed for less money.

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Strike First Nutrition Sinister Pre Workout Review Conclusion

This is a bad pre workout. The fact that Strike First nutrition have hidden individual doses into small blends says a lot.

Whilst the price is good and the product looks good, what’s inside is risky and not worth it.

We wanted to like this product but it’s just below what is out there on the market currently. Products like 4 Gauge from small companies, show there is no excuse for hidden blends and risky ingredients.

James Wilks

Hey guys, thanks for reading. This website should help you cut through all the BS and make an informed choice with supplements. I was like you 2 years ago, trawling the internet looking at review, after review, after review. But now that's changed, I've taken my years working in the supplements industry and created this website to help you make the right choice. If you like something please share on social media! Or drop me a message. Always good to hear from you guys.

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