Stacker2 Rush Enraged Pre Workout Review

Solid night training with the current #1 pre workout tonight. Managed to leave work early to beat the traffic to the gym too. Double win. I’m pumped, focus and energized ready to take on this Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Review.

Straight away, this product should be setting off alarm bells. The blend of amino acids, in fact the whole product, has hidden it’s ingredients.

This literally means you cannot see individual doses of anything. (Other than the caffeine). Sure the list of ingredients goes down in size, but certain ingredient only deliver results at certain doses.

The product dose look good though, Stacker 2 Europe have a good habit of producing fairly good supplements. The blend does contain a lot of solid pre workout ingredients too. Let’s take a closer look.


Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Core Ingredients

Like we said the whole product is hidden in a big proprietary blend. With the ingredients at the top of each group being the most prominent. There is a very big list of ingredients, which is concerning because it may mean that most of the bottom ones are under dosed and weak.

A lot of supplements just put ingredients in there so people are happy when they read the label. They are most likely under dosed.

The vitamin blend and absorption system are standard in any pre wrokout. Let’s take a look at the key active ingredients.

Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Ingredients

Rush Extra Strength Matrix

There’s a massive number of amino acids in here. The highest dose being beta alanine. This ingredient dose give you some good improvements in strength and endurance, but at a cost. If the dosing is too high you’ll get awful skin itching side effects. Not a great ingredient to have as the main amino.

The use of creatine is encouraging, but again you need 5000mg for effects on strength within muscle cells, or 1000mg for focus and cognition. This product is probably around the middle of that in this blend, so it may be badly dosed.

Citrulline will get you a good pump at around 5000mg+, so again this is under dosed.

The other amino’s as with citrulline will not likely have much of a bearing on your performance as there is just too many for any to be dosed properly. You could double scoop the product, but then you guarantee the awful side effects of beta alanine.

Rush Time Released Energy System

L-Carnitine will support the quick use of stored fat as energy, which is good to have in an energy matrix. Again we’d be slightly concerned with how effective a single scoop of this product would be though.

There’s a couple of ingredients in here that are non starters and generally haven’t been put through their paces scientifically.

Caffeine is a good addition and dosed well though, making it easy for you to double scoop without nasty side effects.

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Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop gets you an unknown amount of various ingredients. 2 scoops gets you a double unknown amount of various ingredients.

We can’t comment on dose, because you can’t actually see what’s in it. Very annoying.

Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Side Effects

You will get side effects from the beta alanine in this product, there’s no doubting it.

So just check your tolerance for this, especially if you plan on double scooping!

Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Cost

We found this product for around £20 or 22 Euros. You get what you pay for. When a product with so many ingredients is so cheap you should be a little wary.

By hiding the exact doses of ingredients Stacker 2 Europe could be filling it full of cheaper alternatives and under dosing what’s going to be effective.

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Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Taste

Fruit punch, made from artificial flavorings. A dry, sour taste that is all punch and limited fruit.

Stacker Rush Enraged Pre Workout Review Conclusion

We wanted to like this product. It’s got so many ingredients in it, but they’ve just spoiled it by hiding individual doses.

This could be the best blend on the planet, but for the price, it looks doubtful. We’d be a little tentative buying it in future.


James Wilks

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