PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Review

It wasn’t until I was 22 that I realised the full benefits of a decent natural testosterone booster. Sure, it’s not like a cycle of roids, but as a safe natural alternative, some are pretty miraculous. MY PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Review will look at the gains you can expect from this product.

It’s ingredients profile is pretty small and doesn’t look very good for the money if you are paying. You can get far bigger ingredients profiles for this kind of money.

3 natural testosterone boosting ingredients are featured. But are also hidden in a proprietary Trigger T Blend. What you hiding exact does for PMD?


PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

This product uses a small blend of select herbs in an attempt to boost your testosterone. The major problem is that most herbs like this remain largely unproven.

This is even more too when you can’t see the exact doses of certain ingredients in the product either.


The one solid ingredient in this product. Fenugreek. This has been shown in studies to boost the lutenizing hormone in males, allowing for an increase in natural testosterone.

It’s good to see this in here, as it should always be featured in a natural testosterone booster.

600mg is overkill though and you would get results from anything up from 100mg.


This is supposed to work in a similar way to fenugreek. But, studies have shown that this actually has no real benefits.

Countless testosterone boosters rely on tribulus, but if you do your reading, it’s just pointless. A real shame.


Can supposedly help with the strength of your erections. There is very little else online to showcase this as an ingredient for increasing testosterone though. Not great.


This has some potential as a testosterone booster, as studies have found that it boosted testosterone in animals.

The problem here is that people who have supplemented it haven’t exactly seen amazing results (myself included) and it could be that the effects on humans differs largely to the effects on animals.

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PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Dose

3 per day, 2 on non gym days. Not a bad dosing structure. But the amount of ingredients means that you’re not likely to get any major results quickly anyway. Very frustrating!

PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Side Effects

You may get some occasional side effects, but won’t see anything too severe. As ll the ingredients are safe and dosed quite low.

PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Cost

$119. This is extremely expensive for a booster with so few ingredients. The dose may be ok, but for this price you could get a couple of our current number #1 testosterone boosters.

There are better products on the market and to make a clearer more informed decision we’d recommend checking out our top 3.

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

PMD N-Test 600 Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This has some potential. But the ingredients profile is tiny compared to what you actually. For a proven booster you need Zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium etc.

You are far better off taking your money and seeing our top 3, this will help guide you to find a booster that works for you!

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