Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Review

My Authour BoxWorking out is all about loving the GRIND. Our Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Review will grind down this pre workout and see if it’s going to make smashing the weights any easier.

Never Quit Performance look like a trustworthy company with some solid products. They remind us a lot of Kali Muscles company, Hyphy Mud.

The product looks and feel solid and boasts a nice set of proven pre workout ingredients. We have no doubt that Grind Pre Workout will make the grind a whole lot easier for you.

Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Ingredients

The ingredients list in this is pretty extensive. With large doses of some proven ones. There’s a few that are setting alarm bells ringing in terms of potential side effects from the doses, and others that won’t get you massive results.

Let’s break it down and see the core ingredients that will be getting you the results and side effects anyway.


Gets you an almighty pump. This is a great ingredient for any pre workout and improves performance by increasing nutrient flow to muscles.Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Review Ingredients

The dose in Grind Pre Workout is bang on with 6000mg of this solid pre workout ingredient.

Beta Alanine

We hate beta alanine, it gives you a horrible itching and tingling sensation under the skin. Whilst you will get some improvements to endurance from this amino acid, ultimately the side effects will distract and annoy you from using it to your advantage.


Creatine helps improve the uptake of energy by muscles. It’s always great to have a little dose of creatine in a pre workout, but works even better if you supplement it yourself.


Helps support protein sythensis and increases the natural production of creatine in the body. The dose in this product is a little on the low side, however would be optimized with a double scoop.


A solid pre workout ingredient and one thats completely reliable and extremely well tested at ensuring you perform at your best.

The dose of caffeine in this product is pretty high, 300mg being what you should be looking for in a double scoop.  Caffeine helps with endurance, energy and focus at around 150mg.


WARNING! It’s all unravelled here. This ingredient is similar to Ephedrene, which is now a banned substance due to side effects and other issues.

Synephrine is something you really should be avoiding and is more at home in fat burners than pre workouts anyway. If you decided to join and give this supplement a go, we advise you test you tolerance with a 1/2 scoop first.

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Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Dose

2 scoops is one serving. So a double scoop would be 4.

The dosing of ingredients in here is overall okay. You should be pretty careful with that much caffeine and the Synephrine though, as these could both lead to nasty side effects.

The Beta Alanine is dosed quite high too, so that annoying itching is almost assured.

Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Side Effects

You could get some side effects from the caffeine and synephrine in this, depending on the dose you take. This can include headaches, sickness and crashes. Test your tolerance.

One less severe, but as annoying side effect is the itching feeling from the beta alanine. You may want to claw your own skin off when you start exercising.

Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Taste

A sort of sour pineapple twang.  Not a bad taste and just a typical pre workout flavour.

We still stand by the best pre workout we’ve ever tasted as the natural goodness of 4 Gauge, which contains no artificial flavorings.

Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Cost

$39.99. This isn’t too bad for this product. But it’s not worth paying for given the potential side effects you could get.

For the same price you could get a trusted premium brand, that will blow apart your goals and workouts.

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Never Quit Performance Grind Pre Workout Review Conclusion

This product has a good set of pre workout ingredients. It looks good and we can see the individual doses of everything.

What let’s it down is the fact there’s some dosing issues here and an unsafe ingredient that could cause some problems if you get your dose wrong.

Just exercise a little bit of caution if you are using Grind Pre Workout to Grind in the weight room with.

Check our top 3 for side effects free, proven pre workouts.

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