MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Review

Test HD Super Elite is a testosterone booster from MuscleTech.

This is a higher end supplement, that uses a sizable list of natural ingredients, which is essential if you want a testosterone booster that works.

A good natural testosterone booster will give your body the tools it needs to increase key hormones in the body.

Some also throw in a level of fat burning.

MusleTech’s Test HD Super Elite does use all natural ingredients, but by doing so uses a fair few ingredients that aren’t hugely backed by science.

If you take a look on the back of the box you’ll see ingredients like Grape, Broccoli and some ingredients that are readily available through natural sources in your diet.

Cost wise Test HD Super Elite is HIGH. Using ‘Liquid’ capsules has no real benefit, as your body will break down and utilize capsules through the day either way.

It’s just an excuse to put a heavier price tag onto this testosterone booster.

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Ingredients

Overall the ingreidients in Test HD Super Elite aren’t too great.

Not for the price you are paying anyway. MuscleTech have missed out proven testosterone boosting ingredients like DAA and Vitamin D for a start.

It seems that most of the money you are spending is going on the packaging and the fancy capsules.

Test HD Super Elite Review


Proven to increase strength and improve performance. This ingredient is normally used in Indian medicine.

But sadly Ashwaganda will do little for direct testosterone levels. This is a little frustrating given the fact that it’s the main ingredient present in MuscleTechs testosterone booster.

DIM (Broccoli)

Broccoli contains DIM, which is why it’s been added to this testosterone booster.

DIM is shown to help reduce estrogen levels in studies. Whilst there is some merit to using DIM in a testosterone booster, a natural product shouldn’t really require this sort of ingredient.

It’d be better to get something that promotes more testosterone rather than stopping it’s conversion.


In terms of minerals Boron is fairly essential for normal bodily function. Much like Zinc it can make you healthier. But unlike Zinc, Boron is lacking a little when it comes boosting testosterone as directly.


Zinc is an essential nutrient and can contribute to a healthy anabolic environment. You need to be supplementing Zinc, and ideally magnesium with a testosterone booster. As these ingredients are proven to work.

Grape Extract

Normally found in pre workouts, grape flow is found to increase blood flow. This can help with making you vascular and achieving a muscle pump. (It also tastes nice) but there is no evidence supporting it’s use a testosterone booster.

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Dose

MuscleTech recommend you take all 3 capsules in one dose. Which is perfectly safe due to the lower doses of key ingredients in each capsule.

A good testosterone booster would have a bit of a bigger and more solid ingredients profile. These supplements are more effective if their serving is spread through the day.


Because when you take a testosterone booster your body needs to breakdown and absorb the ingredients. By spreading the serving out, you are far less likely to waste any of it’s contents.

This means you’ll be delivering a steady flow of testosterone boosting nutrients into your blood and your nuts.

Your nuts are going to be the piece of you that produces testosterone. So keep those balls filled with the right ingredients AT a good dose and you’ll be on your way to higher test.

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite doesn’t give you balls everything they need.

Buy MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite

You can buy this test booser for $69.99 from

This gets you 90 liquid capsules, which is 3 capsules per day.

The recommended dose of this testosterone booster is a little frustrating.

You can choose to buy direct from MuscleTech, where you can get a discount off the next order.

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Side Effects

Side effects wise you shouldn’t really expect anything negative from MuscleTech Test HD.

Most ingredients are well dosed and researched in this product. But we would recommend splitting the dose into single capsules just to fully test your tolerance.

Effects wise, you should get some slight increases in Lutenizing hormone and a better anabolic environment for your body to produce test.

It’s worth noting that at wrong doses DIM can cause some upset stomach effects.

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Review Conclusion

Want rippling muscles? Faster recovery and to be a sexual hulk?

MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite isn’t quite going to get you there.

This product is just a little on the weak side. Whilst they’re gimmick around super mental liquid capsules may appeal to some, overall it’s just lacking. Especially because of the high price.

There are far better ways to boost your testosterone, and generally you want a more focused and better dosed booster.

You can get a product with better ingredients too.

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MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Review
  • 5/10
    MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Review - 5/10


Some good ingredients. But highly overpriced for what you are getting. You’re probably spending more money on a capsule than a testosterone booster.

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