MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review

MuscleForce are a US based bodybuilding, supplements and maybe A-Team style mercenary team. We’ve been following them for a while and thought it was about time to do a MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review.

This product looks the part and offers a basic, but good looking blend of pre workout ingredients.

The packaging and product look and feel pretty nice and premium. With a dark moody look. Question is, are you going JOIN MUSCLEFORCE AND SAVE THE DAY?


MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Core Ingredients

Defiant is made up of 3 blends to get you energy, focus and pump. These blends are dosed pretty well with a big focus on the pump section of the product.

Each ingredient in used seems to be proven and will give you some decent and safe effects.

Pump and Ergo Blend MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review

There’s a decent amount of L-Cirtulline in here, much like our favourite pre workout at the moment. This will get you one skin splitting pump. Especially if you are double scooping.

The beta alanine isn’t great, it’s going to give you some strong side effects at this dose.

If you’ve ever experienced an unbearable itching or tingling from pre workout then that is from this ingredient.

We prefer to avoid it.

Focus Blend

This blend will increase the focus through the workout. Choline bitartrate will get you some good results.

However as there is caffeine in Defiant it’d be good to use L-Theanine as recent studies have shown that when combined with caffeine it vastly improves performance and focus and becomes ‘smart caffeine’, you can check it out in our #1 pre workout.

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Xtreme Energy and Stim Blend

We are a little surprised to see such a high dose of caffeine in this product. At 300mg double scooping would take you into 600mg of caffeine per dose.

This and the 6200mg of beta alanine probably won’t be too much fun.

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop is absolutely fine with this product and will give you a high dose of beta alanine and caffeine. So high that when you double scoop you are running the risk of some side effects.

It’d be good to get the caffeine and beta alanine swapped out for more effective and less intrusive ingredients, like red beet and l-carnitine. Allow for more of a pump and an increase in strength.

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Side Effects

Single scoops are generally going to be ok, perhaps with some itching from the beta alanine.

Double scoops and you are leaving yourself open to headaches, nausea, crashes and extremely uncomfortable itching. We wouldn’t recommend it!

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Taste

Blackberry lemonade. Artificial and natural sweeteners make up the taste of this.

It’s got a sour taste to it and can leave the mouth a little dry. Taste is a big part of pre workouts for us, which is why we always prefer something artificial flavorings free!

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Cost

$49.99 for 30 servings. Not too bad seen as though you can’t really double scoop so this will last you a month.

It is at the premium end of the market. We won’t be giving it number #1 though as it just doesn’t do it for us whilst working out and for $49.99.

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MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review Conclusion

We like the look and feel of this product. However the ingredients profile is a little heavy on the beta alanine and caffeine.

The price is what you’d expect to pay for a premium pre workout.  A little on the high end for this product maybe.

All in all though, if you give this a try you’ll have a fairly decent workout. But not as good as one of our top 3.

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review Conclusion
  • 5.8/10
    MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 5.8/10

MuscleForce Defiant Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Not a bad pre workout, but not one of the best. There’s some minor dosing issues and a very heavy price to pay for it.

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