MuscleFood Pure Testo Testosterone Booster Review

UK Food delivery giants MuscleFood have recently entered the natural testosterone booster market.

With their supplement, Pure Testo. Pure Testo is a natural testosterone booster with simple branded and a fairly good looking uncomplicated formula.

The price isn’t too expensive either and it’s doubtful that this product will break the bank. But the main question is what level of testosterone boosting effects can you expect from this supplement.

Will Pure Testo work as well as other market leaders or is it a cheaper product for a reason?

MuscleFood Pure Testo Ingredients

MuscleFood’s Pure Testo is a completely natural testosterone booster. Which is a good start.

You get a high serving size of some key nutrients and minerals that are linked to an increased amount of hormones.

This testosterone booster does have some similarities to our number #1 testosterone booster. However the formula is lacking one essential ingredient for an increase in testosterone production.

Vitamin D.

But in terms of other ingredients the dose is OK and the effects should be fairly good.

It’s good that you can see individual doses of ingredients. As proprietary blends in supplements can cause negative side effects at the wrong doses.

MuscleFood Pure Testo Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

An ingredient that helps with the bio synthesis of protein and help in the production of testosterone too.

This is an amino acid and has been used by bodybuilders for long periods due to it’s positive effects. It can cause side effects though so be cautious.

Oyster Extract

Contains a huge amount of minerals that support testosterone. Namely zinc and magnesium. But it’s benefits don’t stop there.

Oyster extract at the right dose is good for libido and other benefits too.


Play a major role in hormone levels. If you are deficient in this mineral you can see a decrease in testosterone levels. That’s why it’s absolutely essential you get enough in your diet.


As with magnesium this essential mineral affects many major bodily processes, but importantly plays a large role in the healthy production of sex hormones. It’s essential you don’t skimp on this ingredient. Particularly if you are training hard.


Generally supplemented for libido, fenugreek has a few other effects on the body, like glucose metabolism. Among others.

This is a well studied and proven herb when it comes to building up testosterone levels and something that is essential in any testosterone booster you buy.

MuscleFood Pure Testo Dose

MusleFood have opted for a massive 5 capsule serving size with Pure Testo.

This gets you a good amount of d-aspartic acid and some other key nutrients. But MuscleFood Pure Testo is lacking in some other important areas, so 5 capsules might not make up for this.

Generally with a testosterone booster though, a spread serving is beneficial. This stops large amounts of certain ingredients being wasted by your body as you can only breakdown limited amounts.

However, 5 doses can be a little annoying to remember. So we’d advise setting an alarm just to ensure you are always taking your testosterone booster!

MuscleFood Pure Testo Side Effects

This testosterone booster looks to be pretty side effect free. Which is a good thing.

One ingredient you should be aware of though, is d-asapartic acid. This can cause stomach upsets and other internal problems if the dose is too high.

The best way to combat this is to always have a meal or snack before you take the supplement.

By combining the daa with meal times, you also remember that just as you are eating, you can take your supplement.

Does MuscleFood Pure Testo Work?

Yes it will. But not to the effect of some of the bigger and better known testosterone boosters do.

Pure Testo has a great combination of testosterone boosting ingredients that will result in a better anabolic environment and provide some recovery benefits if you are training hard too.

One area it’s lacking in is the vtiamin d. This is an absolutely essential ingredient for anyone looking to boost up their test levels and there isn’t any in Pure Testo.

Most other premium testosterone boosters will contain a high amount of vitamin D, which will lead to more energy, and testosterone.

Where to buy MuscleFood Pure Testo?

You can buy MuscleFood Pure Testo directly from MuscleFood only.

It cost’s £25.00 for a months supply which isn’t too expensive. However it is missing some key testosterone boosting ingredients and is slightly under dosed.

If you want to check out Pure Testo yourself then you can head to MuscleFood here.

MuscleFood Pure Testo Review Conclusion

We like this product and it contains a good amount of some absolutely essential testosterone boosting ingredients.

What’s more, it will provide some good benefits as a testosterone booster. BUT…

One big area MuslceFood have missed out on is the use of Vitamin D.

This is a heavily researched and essential ingredient when it comes to boosting testosterone levels and something you should absolutely be looking for withing a supplement.

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