Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

Putting in your max effort is sometimes what you need to do to get t levels boosted and muscles MAXXXXED out. Will my Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Review found out if they’ve maximum effort into their product?

Or is it just another frustratingly weak testosterone booster on the market. I find that searching for a testosterone booster is like searching for a girl, you find a good one, keep her!

This product looks to be all natural, which is a massive tick! But it’s rare to find actual natural testosterone booster ingredients that work, so the pressure is on with this!

Our #1 or #2 both do the natural blend extremely well.


Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

The blend of ingredients in here isn’t looking too good to be completely honest. The amount of ingredients is pretty low, and these ‘natural’ testosterone boosters a generally unproven by science. 


We have had a few different tribulus supplements in the past, and are sorry to say had NO results. 

However it’s been found in numerous studies that supplementing tribulus has no effect on males. 

Max efforts big focus on this ingredient isn’t good.

As it’s widely accepted that tribulus under performs when compared to fenugreek, oyster extract and other testosterone booster ingredients.

Here’s some studies in case you’re not convinced: and

Rhodiola Rosea

A traditional medicine that has been potentially proven to help reduce stress and fatigue.

The proof behind it aiding testosterone production is very limited, but you will probably get some benefits to your athletic performance from supplementing it.


This supplement needs further testing as a testosterone booster. It has been used as something to enhance libido for years and years, but again this is still unproven.


Something else that is thought to imporve erectile quality by increasing blood flow. This is because cayenne has proven metabolism boosting properties, which will improve circulation.

It’s use to improve erections is purely coincidental and probably not true. A scientific study needs to be done here.


There isn’t enough evidence on dosage or clear results to know if this natural ingredient works as a testosterone booster.

We’d be a little skeptical about spending money on this or any ingredient that isn’t backed by a good scientific study.

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Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Dose

3 in the morning, 3 in the evening. 6 per day. This is a very sold serving side, maybe even slightly extreme.

You won’t get a big increase in testosterone from most of the ingredients in this product, so dosing this high won’t get any results.

Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Side Effects

There’s not enough research into some of these ingredients to say for sure about the side effects you will have dosing them.

Regardless you should be avoiding anything with rubbish/not researched ingredients

Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Cost

$34.99 for a month. You get a lot of capsules for your money here, but you also get a lot of poorly chosen and unproven ingredients.

Our current number #1 has a vast number of proven testosterone boosting ingredients in comparison to this.

And you’d get better results and more for your money generally by using our top 3 to help with your search to higher testosterone.

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Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This testosterone booster looks the part. It’s got an arty clear look to it. Sadly though, the insides are just not that great.

It relies on a load of unproven herbs and ingredients and doses with a massive 6 capsules which is just a bit pointless.

Whilst we doubt you’ll get any negative side effects from this, there’s a slim chance you’ll get any real positives aside from some potential increases in libido and maybe metabolism from the cayenne.

James Wilks

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