KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review

Let’s take a deep look in this KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review to see if it’s a product that will drive your testosterone levels through the roof like our current top 3.

This product does look solid. The packaging is great and we love a product with a good brand behind it.

Core Ingredients

WARNING – The core ingredients of this product are contained in proprietary blends. This isn’t good. Generally we find when supplement companies use these hidden doseages, it’s KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Reviewbecause they want to generally use cheaper ingredients.

It’s strange also to see such an amount of caffeine in a testosterone booster. Whilst this will have good results for the workout, studies have proven that too much caffeine can damage testosterone levels.

You will get some good results from proven ingredients like Fenugreek and Zinc. These are crucial for any good testosterone booster.

Whilst part of this product is aimed at a pre workout market, this completely doesn’t make sense. If you want to boost testosterone, buy a testosterone booster. If you want to use a pre workout, buy a pre workout.

If you are serious about boosting testosterone you need any of our top 3 products, which have proven, natural ingredients.

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4 capsules per day. This is all in one go and before a workout. This isn’t for anyone who is sensitive for stimulants, nor is it something that you could use for longer than a few days at a time.

For optimal testosterone, these 4 capsules should be spread out as they are in our top 3 products.


$49.99/£57.00 from amazon. This is fairly expensive for a product that will do little for testosterone and is just a pimped up pre workout. You can get better testosterone booster for cheaper.

KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Not worth the money. This product won’t really provide too much support for your body to produce testosterone.

It’s main focus is on pre workout ingredients and there are limited proven testosterone boosters in here. Unfortunate as we’ve had some good products for KingFisher in the past.

For proven products, view our top 3 testosterone boosters.

-See Our Top 3 Test Boosters-

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine

KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion
  • 2.3/10
    KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion - 2.3/10

KingFisher High T Black Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

A confused product that offers very little in terms of boosting your testosterone. It’s proprietary blends contain too many stimulants and lots of unproven ingredients.

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