JYM ZMA Testosterone Booster Review

We wouldn’t class this product as a complete testosterone-boosting supplement. ZMA Jym is more of a glorified vitamin pill to be used in conjunction with other stuff to really get some benefits from it. We have heard however, that some people have had some minor results with it. So let’s take a look at what makes this supplement created by Jim Stoppani work.

Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in this supplement is small. What’s good to see though is it does a good job of packing in high doses per serving which may amplify it’s effects. However there is a lot lacking by the way of proven testosterone and libido boosters.


 Vitamin B6

This B vitamin helps the body produce the pre cursor to testosterone, androgen. This occurs in the testes. B6 is a vitamin that you NEED and so having a good dose of it can improve testosterone and lead to other health benefits too. A good shout from Jim Stoppani.


Magnesium is another ingredient that is absolutely essential. Science has found that supplementing magnesium elevates testosterone. But also, this ingredient can help promote muscle recovery too. Another tick from us.


Men have lots of zinc in their prostate gland, meaning this ingredient is directly linked to testosterone production. Zinc has been proven to increase libido in various scientific studies and also aid with the natural production of testosterone. The mineral, as with Magnesium and B6 is another that the human body needs.

Whats the Cost?

$25.00 from bodybuilding.com. This is a little over priced. Whilst there is no doubt these are a few effective ingredients, you are getting very little for your money. By spending a little more you can get another natural supplement that will double the effects of this one and more. Check our TestoFuel review for an example of this.

JYM ZMA Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This product is very cheap to make and in turn very overpriced. If you are looking for a bodybuilding supplement to boost testosterone, this isn’t really one. It’s more a multivitamin, that leans towards testosterone. There are far better products out there.

JYM ZMA Testosterone Booster Review
  • 3.5/10
    JYM ZMA Testosterone Booster Review - 3.5/10


Not worth the money. A few cheap ingredients in clever packaging. We do like it’s natural, and the ingredients will give some results. But if you spend a little more, you can get far better results.

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