High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Review

Boosting testosterone is a process that takes time. So when a booster that promised 7 days until higher testosterone cropped up, I just had to take a look.

High T are people who make a range of natural testosterone boosters for men, loads of them.

This product looks to have a fair few amino acids to increase blood flow and also uses a few choice herbs to supposedly boost your testosterone levels.

We don’t like the fact they’ve chosen to hide the testosterone boosting ingredients into a proprietary blend, this is far from ideal.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients anyway.

High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

The ingredients in Turbo T have more in common with some pre workouts that testosterone boosters.

The use of amino acids to improve blood flow takes up a massive part of this product. And it looks like that testosterone boosting ingredients are left in the background as a result.

It’s frustrating to see High T use proprietary blends here too, as you can’t actually see the individual doses of the testosterone boosting ingredients or anything in the N.O blend.

High T Booster Blend

This blend is quite disappointing to be honest. Fenugreek has been proven to natural increase levels of the lutenizing hormone, this is later converted to tetstoterone.

Whilst it’s great to have a proven ingredient like this in here, studies have shown that you only need around 100mg of fenugreek to get the benefits.

Rhodiola will serve as a good herb for energy and some cognition. It’s use as anything to support hormones is limited however.

Boron as a trace element is also useful for normal bodily functions and also aiding hormonal function.

There is a lot missing from this blend to truly make it optimized for testosterone,.

Advanced N.O. Blend

There’s no doubt that you’ll get a good pump of N.O from the ciutrulline in this blend. This will speed up the delivery of nutrients to muscles. There’s been limited studies onto the effects of N.O boosters and testosterone though.

Beta Alanine will see an increase in strength for those who are training seriously hitting the gym hard. Training hard is also going to naturally increase testosterone which is good.

L-Argninine, L-Carnitine, Agmatine

Again these are excellent amino acids for anyone seriously hitting the gym.

They will not speed up testosterone production and cut it down to 4 weeks?!

Unfortunately this claim was too good to be true.

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High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Dose

You get a good dose of amino acids in each capsule of this spread out through the day.

4 capsules per serving is ideal for any testosterone booster as it means you are keeping your body topped up with key testosterone boosting minerals.

The problem with Turbo T is that whilst you will get some effects, generally these are going to be performance benefits for athletes and not a natural boost in testosterone.

High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Side Effects

You will get some tingling, itching side effects from the Beta Alanine in this supplement.

Generally though all the ingredients seem to be dosed sensibly, even though we can’t see exact amounts of some. (Annoying)

This is a performance booster though, not a testosterone booster so don’t expect too many testosterone boosting effects.


High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This is a fairly solid product. But not as a testosterone booster.

It’s use of amino acids and caffeine mean it’s more of a performance enhancer for using pre workout than a day to day booster.

Your body doesn’t need to be full of beta alanine at all times to boost testosterone, it’ needs a carefully selected range of minerals and herbs to ensure optimized production.

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High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Review
  • 4.2/10
    High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Review - 4.2/10

High T Turbo T Testosterone Booster Review

A good supplement, but not as a pure testosterone booster. This has more in common with a pre workout.

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