Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Review

The fight business is a tough one, but so is the supplements industry. So when we heard about a supplements company called Ground and Pound we had to check them out. This led us to this Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Review.

MMA fighter or not, a pre workout is something that can help you smash those personal records.

This product looks and feels great, from UK based company Ground and Pound nutrition.

The ingredients profile looks solid, with a mixture of proven pre workout ingredients and some lesser known ones in the blend.

Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Ingredients

Theres a massive amount of ingredients in this product. With a big focus on some results delivering amino acids and some others to help with energy and metabolism.

This is ideal for a pre workout IF they are dosed correctly.

Currently the individual doses are hidden in this blend. Meaning we can’t see exactly what goes into it.

Beta Alanine is the first inrgedient, that improves muscle strength and endurance. Our big problem with Beta Alanine is that if it’s dosed incorrectly, or at all, it can lead to an extremely annoying side effect in the form of itching.

This doesn’t sit well with us, especially if we were doing any form of martial arts, (BJJ with a horrible itchy skin feeling anyone?)

Its great to see citrulline in here, as the increased blood flow means more power and a better flow of nutrients fueling the muscles. A good dose of this would be about 5000mg, like our current number #1.

Green tea plays a part in here, known for it’s fat burning and anti oxidant properties. A good dose of green tea for this would be about 150mg per scoop. This will also provide you with a little boost of energy.

The caffeine is a crucial part for getting your focus and energy levels up. As you well know a good dose of caffeine can work wonders, but over doing it could lead to crashing and side effects. So be careful if you are double scooping Caged Cola Pre Workout.

Ground and Pound supplements have also added Guarana (unproven fat burner), Panax Ginseng (t booster, energy) L-Arginine (Strength and endurance) Taurine (Energy) and others into the mix.

The problem with so many ingredients is that the doses are most likely fairly limited to keep the pre workout as cost effective for  Ground and Pound supplements as possible.

If you want solid doses of proven ingredients only, check our top 3 out.

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Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Dose

We’re unsure of the exact doses of the ingredients that go into this product so couldn’t really say if you will get any results or be able to double scoop.

We’d be a little cautious if you were going to double scoop as there could be mild side effects following the pre workout wearing off.

Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Side Effects

You’ll get some from the beta alanine, in the form of itching and tingling under the skin. This can be very frustrating and distracting. We’d expect this removed from a pre workout based around martial arts, and are confused why it’s in here.

Other potential side effects include energy crashes and headaches from the caffeine if Caged Cola’s dose is too high.

Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Cost

£31.99 or $39.00, an average price for a pre workout. The product itself will get you some decent improvements in strength and fitness. But you are better off considering paying a little more and getting a premium product.

The ingredients will get you some results, but overall are largely vitamins and minerals and it lacks some of the other key pre workout ingredients.

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Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Taste

Artificial. We still struggle to find a pre workout thats flavoured naturally and tastes enjoyable to drink.

The market is crowded with sharp cherry and cola flavours.

Ground and Pound Caged Cola Pre Workout Review Conclusion

This isn’t a bad product. It’s got some good ideas and comes from a company with heart.

It doesn’t manage to get into our top 3 due to it’s ingredients list missing a few tips and featuring beta alanine, an ingredient guaranteed to give you frustrating side effects.

If you want to avoid side effects and try a serious, proven pre workout, check our top 3.

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