Efectiv Sports Nutrition Alpha Testosterone Booster Review

Efectiv Nutrition are a fairly new supplements company that are based in Newcastle, England. They have a full range of products helping people to achieve all sorts of goals. Their Whey protein is decent value and a good solid product. In this review we will be taking a look at the core ingredients that make up their Alpha Testosterone Booster.

Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in this product certainly contains some of the proven natural testosterone boosters you can normally expect. It’s especially good to see Vitamin D and Zinc, and Fenugreek here as these are all proven testosterone boosters. There are a few ingredients that do have little scientific backing, but if you are buying this you should still get some fairly good results. Let’s take a closer look anyway. efectiv-alpha-ingredients-list

Vitamin D3

A proven and effective ingredient to aid with testosterone production. Generally vitamin D3 is created in the body through sunlight. It has been hailed as a ‘wonder vitamin’ in some cases, as it not only increases testosterone, but improves heart and bone health too. Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to be linked with testosterone. The lower the vitamin D levels, the lower the testosterone. A good start for Efectiv nutrition’s t booster.


Zinc has been proven to support testosterone production too. In a 6 week study, researchers found that males who supplemented zinc’s testosterone had improved. Zinc is a mineral that can only be gotten from eating the right food too. So supplementation is near enough essential.

D-Aspartic Acid

This will help you regulate your sex hormones and sperm production. D-aspartic acid also increases the human growth hormone which will aid with muscle growth. Another good ingredient. Research proved that supplementation of d-aspartic acid increased testosterone by just over 45% in under two weeks. Impressive stuff.


Arginine is an amino acid widely used in the bodybuilding community to help improve athletic performance and muscle building. There is unfortunately little evidence to back it at this stage. Whilst this ingredient is also touted as helping testosterone production, there isn’t enough evidence to back this up either. We experienced little effect from L-Arginine supplementation too.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed contains high levels of zinc. This mineral, as we’ve mentioned above can have libido and testosterone boosting qualities in males, whilst also aiding normal bodily functions.  The other vitamins in this ingredient have been reported to increase libido in males too and provide the prostate with a wide range of nutrients. There isn’t masses of information on the science behind pumpkin seeds being effective yet, but they have been used for a long time.

Grape Seed

Grape seed has potentially been shown to help with estrogen blocking in males. Whilst the study was limited and the results weren’t entirely convincing, it did have some effect. Researchers in a separate study found that grape seed blocks testosterone molecules from toxin damage too.

Nettle Leaf

This reduces the amount of testosterone that gets caught up with SHBG. This means that as the testosterone molecules are not bound to anything, they can more freely flow around the body giving you the benefits. For better results you ideally want Nettle Root extract as opposed to Nettle leaf, with a dose of 150mg+.


The dose of this testosterone booster is 4 capsules per day. This is what you want. 4 capsules mean’s you can get your body topped up with the range of testosterone boosting ingredients maximising the effect. There are some ingredients that are slightly under dosed, the d-aspartic acid and nettle root for a start. One major flaw is the amount of vitamin d. It’s simply not enough.

What’s the Cost?

This product comes in at $52.14 or £35.00. Whilst there are a couple of strong ingredients in here, there seems to be some major dosing issues for this price. We don’t doubt you’ll get results for your money, but for the same price you could get so much more. Check other products like TestoFuel or Prime Male.

Efectiv Sports Nutrition Alpha Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

We do like this product and think it would give you some testosterone boosting benefits. But for the dose you get of certain ingredients it is a little bit overpriced. The product looks great andf the company are good, but they just need to redose this one!

Efectiv Sports Nutrition Alpha Testosterone Booster Review
  • 6.1/10
    Efectiv Sports Nutrition Alpha Testosterone Booster Review - 6.1/10


A product with a fairly solid list of ingredients. Let down by a couple that won’t do anything and some issues with underdosing the ones that have the best results.

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