Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review

Dedicated Nutrition’s pre workout is one of the best looking products we’ve seen. This Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review will take a look to see if it delivers as a pre workout.

When we first saw this product we literally shouted take our money at the screen. (We love nice looking products, it shows care has been put into a product and it’s premium. Plus it looks shit hot)

The ingredients profile of this is pretty lengthy and fairly complicated. Let’s see if it’s worth it’s good looks anyway.

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Core Ingredients

We like the look of some of the ingredients in this blend. With a big focus on getting you a huge pump. It’s good to see some natural ingredients making their way into this large dose.

The dose size is a pretty big 7000mg of ingredients. Looking deeper into this it seems that Dedicated Nutrition have cut out a lot of proven and common pre workout ingredients in fDedicated Pre Workout Ingredientsavour of their chemical counterparts.

We always look for something completely natural when it comes to supplements.

Which is one of the reasons for our number #1.

Trimethylglycine Nitrate

Betaine Anhydrous to you and me. This is a pretty solid ingredient when it comes to improving strength. This amino acid has recently been introduced into pre workouts and for the best results you need around 1.5 grams twice a day.

So this pre workout is under dosed unless you are scooping double.

Betaine works by allowing an increased hyrdration flow to muscular cells, in a similar sort of way to creatine.

N-Carbamyl Glutamate

Helps arginine sythesis. It has been proven to do so. The problem with this fancy long named ingredient is that it isn’t fully proven and basically does a similar thing to citrulline.

The major difference is that citrulline is a lot cheaper and so can be take in higher doses. Citrulline is also completely proven and trusted.

Rhodiola Root

Proven to help reduce stress and fatigue. This is an old herbal remedy that has stood the test of time and is included in all top pre workouts today.

An effective dose to get the maximum benefits is around 100-200mg. So The Unstoppable hits the nail on the head.


You know what this does don’t you. You also know it’ll improve focus, energy and stamina? Good. It’s also one of the most researched and proven ingredients that goes into supplements.

175mg is an ideal dose as it means you can double scoop without the worry of crashes!


Works very well with caffeine. This ingredient has been proven to help with focus.

It’s relatively new to the bodybuilding scene but is definitely worth supplementing if you want an awesome workout, then this is essential.

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Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Dose

The dose of The Unstoppable is solid. We can’t really see much wrong with it. It also crucially gives you the opportunity to double scoop without worrying about any side effects.

It’d be better to see more natural ingredients in here, and far better to have a high dose of L-Citrulline than Trimethylglycine Nitrate.

It’s good to see a product with a dose we can get on board with straight away though, as lots of pre workouts leave you feeling a bit too charged up with caffeine!

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Side Effects

We wouldn’t really expect any negative side effects from this product as it doesn’t rely on the use of beta alanine or a load of caffeine.

As with our top 3 you can take this product pretty much worry free.

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Taste

Now this is weird. Theres been a general consensus that the taste ‘Cherry Vodka’ is a stupid gimmick and it just tastes of general sour chemicals.

Taste is important with pre workout especially if you are drinking it daily. It’s a solid no from us on this.

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Cost

£26.99 for 30 servings. Not that unreasonable at all. You will most likely need to be double scooping to get the best results so remember it will just serve you under a month.

Theres some ingredients that are a little unproven and a bit of a waste of the 7000mg, but overall this is probably worth your money.

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A great looking pre workout that’s been formulated pretty well.

There’s no major complaints for us here, other than the taste. Which could be a big problem if you want to enjoy drinking your pre workout.

There’s a fairly big problem in that they’ve used a more expensive, less researched option to citrulline malate. It’d be good to swap that out for a big dose of this instead, as in in our number #1.

For a more rounded pre workout that tastes great, you should check out our top 3.

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Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review Conclusion
  • 8.2/10
    Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 8.2/10

Dedicated Nutrition The Unstoppable Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A good looking product with some good ingredients. However a weird taste and few minor dosing issues mean it falls short of number #1.

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