Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Review

Our full Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout review will take a look into this pre workout supplement and if it will deliver on the massive pump it promises.

The product looks and feels great, with a nice flavor to it. It also has a solid and natural ingredients profile. Something that is a must for any pre workout supplement.

Our current top 3 are all natural products with full ingredients profiles that offer incredible tried and tested experiences. Will White Rapids make it into the top 3?

Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Key Ingredients

The ingredients list of White Rapids is nice and basic. With a clean set of ingredients, some that are completely proven in pre workouts and others that you might not get the absolute best results from. controlled-labs-white-rapids-review

All ingredients appear to be from a natural source, much like our proven #1 pre workout product. 

Below are the key ingredients that will bring you results in the gym.

Agmatine, Evodiamine and Toothed Clubmoss are up for debate on effectiveness and dosing.

L-Citrulline Malate

This ingredient is essential in a pre workout supplement as it’s what increases the blood flow to muscles.

A solid dose of citrulline is about 6g or 6000mg. White Rapids falls a little bit under that, but it should still get you a bit of a pump whilst you train.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is a good pre workout ingredient and works by helping increase the amount of creatine produced in the body and protein synthesis. Helping increase strength and muscular endurance.

Caffeine + Dicaffiene

A pre workout staple. At a total dose of 150mg in this product will work well too. We don’t really need to explain that caffeine will improve muscular fatigue do we? And focus?

A solid addition to White Rapids.

Glycerol Powder

A few studies have shown that Glycerol supplementation as a pre workout achieves nothing. It’s still fairly up for debate in the fitness community.

But this ingredient is supposed to help with increasing nutrient uptake in cells, but all it’s thought it really does is volumize blood.

There are some who also warn it could lead to some serious side effects. Take with caution.

Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop will give you a fair pump and good blast of energy. We’d prefer to see some creatine in here, so it’s more direct in the results it’s provide.

Importantly this product may be slightly unsafe to double scoop due to the Glycerol. But this is personal preference.

Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Side Effects

We wouldn’t expect any negative side effects from Controlled Labs pre workout. The ingredients list seems natural and safe, just like our top 3. 

Just be a little cautious with using the Glycerol for long periods, and perhaps research it yourself before buying.

Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Cost

This product cost $18.99 for 10 servings of tropical pineapple. Fairly expensive for a pre workout that is a little bit under dosed and fairly basic in it’s profile.

For a little more you could get any from our current top 3 proven pre workouts. 

Controlled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Review Conclusion

We like this product, it’s got some good staple ingredients and at a reasonable dose.

The price is a little expensive and some ingredients could cause a bit of harm over time, but other than that you should get some good results from it too.

If you want better options though, that can be used more frequently for a cheaper price we’d recommend checking the premium pre workouts in our top 3.

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trolled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Review Conclusion
  • 6.4/10
    trolled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 6.4/10

trolled Labs White Rapids Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A pre workout with some fairly good ingredients, but a bit too expensive and could carry risks with extended use and double scoops.

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