Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review

Hello! I thought’d I’d welcome my European visitors to this Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review. When I get a new pre workout to review I get excited. Everyone loves a free review right?! 😉

This pre workout, available in most European countries, looks pretty good, the owner of the company is in great shape and the company has a solid range of products available. Very good.

There is a big focus on amino acids in here which is also nice to see, with a few other fat burning and energy boosting additions.

Remember when you are looking for the best pre workout you want something that is refined and focused on delivering a clean experience with no crashes and no side effects.

The best I have found at the minute has to be 4 Gauge. The cleanest and completely side effect free. Maybe I love it so much because it comes in a shotgun shell? Or maybe it’s because I’ve excelled on it and don’t feel shit.

Let’s see if Simon’s perfect pre is actually perfect….

Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Core Ingredients

There’s plenty of amino acids to get your teeth into here which is great. With some dosed very highly ensuring a good pre workout experience.

The problem is though that with high doses come potential side effects so just be aware of that.

The other ingredients look to mainly be ok and proven to work. A couple however are just pointless and won’t have any effect, especially at a low dose.

Amino Acids

This blend of amino’s will see some improvements in strength, however, as with our current #1 pre workout favors citrulline. This ensures a massive nutrient flow and blood flow to the muscles.

This in turn increases vasularity and gives you a massive muscle pump. We would never settle for anything less of 6g of this ingredient.

Leucine, Valine, Tyrosine will contribute to energy levels and focus.


No studies and research has been done to back up this fact, but it is believed that Choline Bitartrate, when consumed, can help boost athletic performance, offer protection to the liver, reduce blood cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, tackle mood swings and even improve memory.

Green Tea

A good ingredient for helping the breakdown of fatty acids and providing a small boost of caffeine also. Green tea fits well in pre workouts and is often under used.


A solid pre workout at a HIGH dose. You need caffeine in any pre workout to get the best results. However anything about 150mg can cause some side effects and irritation. Just check your tolerance.

Rosemary and Guarana

Generally unproven by science, these are a little disappointing to see in this product and it’d be good to get some other natural proven pump enhancers like Red Beet.

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Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Dose

You get a solid dose of most stuff you will need in this. They’ve left out beta alanine which is also good.

This means you should be side effect free. Just be aware that 286mg of caffeine is on the high side of a pre workout. So it might be best avoiding doubling up your serving.

Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from this product.

There could be some minor ones from a healthy dose of caffeine but overall this will be fine if you stick to the serving size on the box.

Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Taste

Orangey. It’s artificial anyway, which is normally the case with pre workouts. It’s rare to find something that isn’t. But it is worth it when you do!

Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Cost

€39.90. Not too bad. But you could get a premium pre workout from our proven top 3 for a similar cost. They all ship worldwide too which is great, including the #1 4 Gauge. 

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Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review Conclusion

This is a pretty good pre workout. You will get results. But it’s nothing special or exciting and didn’t get us shouting for joy.

We prefer a cleaner pre workout experience that relies less on the caffeine content for the energy.

The cost is on the premium side, but it has a reasonable size of servings. Not bad from Simon!


Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review Conclusion
  • 7.9/10
    Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review Conclusion - 7.9/10

Bodyip Nutrition Simons Perfect Pre Review Conclusion

A good, reasonably well balanced pre workout. It doesn’t get our number #1, but scores quite high.

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