Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review

This is a full review of this exciting looking pre workout. In the powerful fruit punch flavor.

Beyond Raw do a range of solid supplements and Lit pre workout feels and looks great. With a fairly simple, clean ingredients profile too.

We’re quite impressed with this, but let’s see if this product is going to get us LIT for your workouts.

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Core Ingredients

Looking into the ingredients of Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout, it’s pretty basic. There are some good ingredients in here that will get you results, and feature heavily in our current top 3.Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review Ingredients

But, there seems to be a few issues with the dosing of this product. Let’s take a look and see if it’s going to light a fire in you.

Beta Alanine

This is a common pre workout ingredient, and is good for fueling muscles and increasing endurance.

For a really effective dose you need around 5g of this ingredient. So Lit Pre workout is a little lacking.

The problem with beta alanine is it comes with very annoying itching side effects, that can often cut workouts short and just generally make you feel uncomfortable.

Micronized Creatine

Basically creatine monohydrate. This works by allowing the body to produce more of the chemical ATP, which directly fuels muscles.

For an best results with creatine you do need around 5g, but 1.5g serves as nice top up for a workout.


A standard for pre workouts, allowing for increased energy and endurance. 250mg is a solid amount, however a double scoop could make things get a little crazy.

500mg of caffeine would have some annoying side effects, depending on your tolerance.


Increases blood flow to muscles and gets you that almighty pump! A great addition to any pre workout and should be one of the main ingredients you look for.

Side effects are minimal and double scooping this would get you some good results. But double scooping all the time can be expensive…


Increases focus and alertness. Not a bad ingredient to have in a pre workout.

Although it’d be better to see l-theanine in here as it works well with caffeine to form smart caffeine.

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Dose

A small dose of major ingredients mean a double scoop of this is essential. This is a bit of a problem though as it means you are essentially having to double scoop each time you plan on working out.

This will ensure you get a full dose of l-citrulline and creatine, but may see you getting some side effects from the 500mg of caffeine. Just test your tolerance, as 500mg of caffeine will get you MEGA LIT.

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Side Effects

If you decide to double scoop this product be prepared for a caffeine crash and potentially headache, dry mouth and other annoying little effects.

Other than that the ingredients are pretty safe, a single scoop wouldn’t lead to much and is probably a bit weak anyway.

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Taste

A bit chemically. There’s no evidence of a natural flavoring in this product which is a bit of a shame. Natural flavors are more expensive, but taste far better, which is crucial for something you have to drink.

Our current number 1 is the best tasting pre workout, with natural ingredients and completely natural flavorings.

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Cost

$69.99 for 60 servings. A fairly expensive price for a weak product with nothing exciting going for it.  We found this in our local GNC.

You’d have to double scoop this product, so essentially you are paying $70 for 30 workouts. Far too expensive. Even the premium product in our number #1 spot is cheaper than this.

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Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Very very overpriced for something that you are going to have to double scoop each time.

But even with the double scoop you may find the caffeine is too much. Lit just isn’t a product that’s going to get you those all important pre workout feelings of focus, power, energy and endurance.

It does look good and the taste is ok, but you’re better off buying something else.

Check our top 3 if you want a more focused and effective pre workout! 


Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review Conclusion
  • 4.3/10
    Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 4.3/10

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review Conclusion

An under dosed ingredients profile and massive price tag mean this pre workout isn’t that great. We like the look and the taste is alright, but it just won’t do it’s job properly.

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