11 Best Pre Workout Supplements for Weight Loss

Top 3 Pre-Workout Comparison

4-gauge-table pre-jym-table
Product Website  4Gauge.com  https://www.transparentlabs.com www.jymsupplementscience.com
Manufacturer  Roar Ambition  Transparent Labs  Jym
Proprietary Blend  No  No No
Side Effects  None  Yes, Mild  Yes
Suitable For Anyone  Bodybuilders, Athletes  Bodybuilders, Athletes
Shipping Worldwide Worldwide  Dependent on retailer
Premium  Yes  Yes  No
Price  $45.00/ £25.00  $49.00  Around $47 / £28.00
Overall Score  9.8  9.2  8.5

Best Pre Workout Supplement Reviews –

#1 4 Gauge

Personal Experience:

30 minutes before working out. About 15 minutes in I noticed a clean surge in energy. I didn’t feel jittery or anxious, just ready to get into the gym.

1 hour after, whilst doing bicep curls with a fixed barbell I felt PUMPED. I was absolutely smashing out high reps to really maximize that feeling. My muscles felt amazing.

End of workout. Wow. The pump was unreal and so was the focus. I didn’t feel distracted or sweaty either and had no side effects. There has been no crash to report after either. 5* workout.

I was extremely happy to get the same results each day too and I’ve not felt any side effects of crashes.

The scoop is a little annoying and I’m adding a bit of extra creatine, but this pre workout has been incredible for this test month. I’m in love with the way it looks too. Second order is already in at 4Gauge.com

What Effects you’ll feel from 4Gauge:

  • Muscle Pump – High dose of citrulline ensures a pump second to none. Curls felt incredible.
  • Energy – Feel focused and awake. Not like a crack head either, which is nice.
  • Strength – Overall improvements in strength and performance.




  • Clinically Dosed
  • 100% Natural and no artificial sweeteners
  • Uses ‘Smart Caffeine’ for optimal performance
  • No side effects reported
  • Fast worldwide shipping


  • Can only can be bought from 4gauge.com
  • Cheap price (£25.00 for one round, but multi buy deals are available)
  • Expert lifters may need to supplement extra creatine

-Visit 4 Gauge Website- 

#2 Transparent Labs Stim Free / Lean


Offering a normal/stimulant free version of their well balanced and powerful pre workout is something I love about Transparent Labs.

For me, I always have a stim free pre workout on hand to use before any late night workouts or times when I feel I’ve had too much caffeine.

There’s a good blend of all the key amino acids in this product. You can however expect some MILD side effects from the Beta Alanine.

Personal Experience (Times are loose estimates)

30 Mins – Tasted good. Felt no big rush, but do have some of the itching feeling. However the weights are coming up easier and I’m feeling pretty focused to say this is stim free!

1 Hour – Tingling a lot. But getting used to it. The PUMP is unreal, I think my veins would burst if I double scooped. Very very good.

End of Workout – No crashes. Nothing. Tingly wore off and the session was absolutely immense.



  • Skin splitting pump
  • Clean energy and focus
  • Stim free, can be used late at night
  • Proven doses of key amino acids
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Multi buy/package deals


  • Premium pricing
  • Beta alanine can get annoying
  • Slight under dose on creatine in single scoop
  • Only available from TransparentLabs.com

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#3 Pre Jym – My old favourite

A solid pre-workout with a large dose. This makes it to number 3 in our Best Pre Workout Supplement Reviews – Top 3.

Personal Experience

I had a good session on Pre Jym, but I didn’t get enough of the muscle pump. The energy also felt a bit jittery and I had a small crash afterwards. Nothing too heavy, but wouldn’t buy again for the price.

Best Pre Workout Supplement Reviews Number 3


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