Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Review

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I made BIG gains today. After a crap day at work I was looking forward to smashing legs and getting a post on here done.

My legs are killing and I’m now writing this!

Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Review. Is this going to be a golden supplement that’s going to get me up to my 180kg deadlift? I’m in need of POWER for my morning gym sessions.

Atlus Premier Nutrition’s pre workout offering looks the part, with it’s strong black and gold packaging. The question is though, will this supplement help you MAXXOUT?

The ingredients profile looks pretty good, with plenty of proven amino acids in the supplement, but it’s not massively exciting. There’s also a couple of ingredients that could lead to some side effects.

Anyway, you’re wanting to get jacked, pumped and stacked…same as me….let’s see if this will take our number #1 spot.  


Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Core Ingredients

The ingredients in here look fairly standard for a pre workout. There’s a proprietary blend hidden in the supplement facts, that’s annoying as Atlus Premier Nutrition could be hiding any amount of the ingredients in it. 

The doses of other ingredients look to be a little low from first glance too. Which is a little frustrating. Let’s take a closer look at the main ingredients anyway.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is an ingredient that will guarantee some annoying side effects. It’s used in pre workouts as it does guarantee some good results in terms of strength and endurance, at the correct dose of 3-5000mg.

But, it also comes with the side effects mentioned above. You can get the same results from a pre workout without the need for beta alanine.


L-Citrulline gets you a PUMP. This is responsible for increasing blood flow to the muscles Which in turn allows for a greater delivery of nutrients, improving performance.

For best results you want around 5000mg of citrulline in your pre workout to get the absolute best results.

Peak 02 Blend

Mushrooms and other herbs form this proprietary blend, whilst it’s still good to see a bunch of natural ingredients in a product, often they can be unproven.

We have however read good things about Lions Mane mushroom as it’s thought it may help with cognition.

The rest however look to be largely un researched. Even if they were proven we couldn’t see actual doses, so wouldn’t know if you were going to get any pre workout benefits.


Creatine improves strength, you should be looking to supplement this anyway if you are training. It works by allowing more energy to pass into cells within the muscle.


You need caffeine for energy in any pre workout. However a high dose can be a little problematic especially if you are doubling up your servings for those extra hard days.

As a single scoop, 250mg will get you some fairly decent results in this though. Just be ready for a bit of a crash if you do this.

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Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Dose

1 Scoop will get you some good results. But to get the proper benefits of the citurlline and creatine you need to be double scooping.

Be aware if you decide to double scoop though you may get some unwanted side effects from the high dosage of beta alanine and caffeine.

Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Side Effects

You could get some slightly unwated effects from the beta alanine. These will be itching and discomfort.

If you are double scooping you could also have a little bit of trouble with the high caffeine content. Just be aware of that!

Other than that you’ll probably get some reasonable pre workout results from this product.

Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Taste

Orange Mango. Nice and sour, just the way a pre workout should be. The flavourings are artificial though, which isn’t ideal. But it’s rare to find a pre workout that doesn’t do this these days!

Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Cost

$49.99 for 30 servings. The price of a premium pre workout. You won’t get bad results from this, but the problem is that you’ll need to be double scooping to get the absolute best.

You are also paying a lot for a pre workout that could lead to unwanted side effects.

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Atlus Premier Nutrition Maxxout Pre Workout Review Conclusion

This is an average pre workout, that’s tried to stand out using a hidden blend of mushrooms (basically).

Whilst you will get some good results from kicking off a workout with it, chances are the double scoop you’d need would cause crashes and the beta alanine would have you taking your own skin off itching!

We wanted this to take us to out MAXXXXXXXX. But will just have to rely on the ever faithful, 4 Gauge. 

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