Olympus Health Androstart Testosterone Booster Review

Olympus Health Androstart Testosterone Booster is the testosterone booster offering from company Olympus health. They have some good products in their line up and are widely available at numerous retailers. An effective testosterone booster will give you massive improvements in strength, recovery, libido and mood. Androstart looks to be one of these, with a natural ingredients profile we are sure you will get some good results from using this product.

Core Ingredients

The main ingredients of Androstart are all natural. This is a great starting point and something you should be looking for in any testosterone boosting supplement. 

D-Aspartic Acid

The most important ingredient you can have in any natural testosterone booster. DAA actually helps with the production of the lutenizing hormone in the testes. This then goes on to be turned into a number of sex hormones in males. This is a great addition to any testosterone booster however the dose in Androstart is a little low.

Avena Sativa

There is some evidence that this product can help improve levels of testosterone in healthy males. However this is fairly inconclusive at this stage. Whilst we very much hope you will get some good testosterone boosting results from this, it’s probably not the case.


Maca has some proven use when it comes to helping with libido. But as for overall testosterone enhancement the product is pretty much useless.


Another proven testosterone boosting ingredient. It’s also widely used to increase libido in males. A good addition to this testosterone booster.

Sasparilla Root

This ingredient has some people fooled with in the supplements industry, with many believing that it can actually behave like, and be converted to testosterone in the body. This is not true and this ingredient has no proven scientific benefits.


An excellent mineral that has been scientifically proven to help increase testosterone in males. Zinc helps with many bodily functions and supplementing it will improve the production of sex hormones in healthy males.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplementation is essential for anyone looking to increase testosterone. Androstart falls a little short of what you need to be taking daily to get the full benefits. But it’s good to see it in here nonetheless.

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Androstart Testosterone Booster Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from this product as it is all natural. We’re not fully convinced that it will deliver as good as results as any of our top 3 best testosterone boosters though.

Androstart Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Olympus Health Androstart Testosterone Booster is a good product, but it’s got a few ingredients in it that are unproven and potentially useless.

The price, whilst affordable, also means that the dosing of some key testosterone boosting ingredients is a little low. We’d recommend checking out our top 3 testosterone boosters if you want a serious product that’s going to be proven to boost your testosterone.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters


Androstart Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion
  • 7.2/10
    Androstart Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion - 7.2/10


Close to being a very good t booster. But ultimately this product is under dosed and contains a few unproven ingredients. Check out our top 3.

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