1up Nutrition Pro Test Review

1Up Nutrition’s Pro Test has been something you guys have been asking to be reviewed for a while. In this 1up Nutrition Pro Test Review we will cover, Will it give you side effects? What’s the cost? and….DOES IT WORK?

Let’s pull apart this supplement and see if it’s combination of natural ingredients is going to be something that will boost your testosterone levels.

First off though, the product does look the part. 1Up are a reputable supplements company on par with Shredz for their product line and packages.


Core Ingredients

WARNING! This product contains a proprietary blend. You cannot see the individual amounts of certain ingredients in the product. This is bad as it means the company could be relying on cheap ingredients and under dosing on the proven ones.

This hidden blend in Pro Test is where all the t boosting ingredients are. The Vitamin B6 and Zinc is good to see and both are dosed well. These are proven testosterone boosters when it comes to vitamins and minerals and something you should always supplement anyway.1up Nutrition Pro Test Review Ingredients


Found naturally, Fenugreek was scientifically tested on a group of males in Australia. Due its bioactive compounds it was proven to help regulate testosterone levels in this group, helping an increase in free roaming testosterone.

For optimal results studies have shown you want about 100mg of Fenugreek, like in our top 3.

Fenugreek also directly aids with the production of other lesser known sex hormones, which will increase libido.


This will get you a massive pump. 1Up contains it to keep blood flow optimized. Whilst this aided nutrient flow is generally a good thing, it won’t directly impact testosterone levels. This is an ingredient seen generally in pre workouts at 5000mg.

L-Citrulline is heavily under dosed in this.


Get this off out of your mind when it comes to buying a testosterone booster. Studies have proven it simply does not work. It was used on athletes in the cold war era, with no results. Then it was picked up by supplements company as it was easily marketable.

If you do the research, you won’t find any science back studies supporting it’s use for boosting your testosterone.


Maca is a root from Peru. It’s another supplement that has been used for libido for some time, however science isn’t on it’s side. When a study was conducted on a group of males in the US they found that Maca had no impact on testosterone levels.


This is a good addition to this product, whilst it won’t directly influence testosterone production, some studies have shown that it can reduce cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is released when you exercise. It damages testosterone levels so keeping it low is always a good thing and may leave you with elevated testosterone in the long run.

1up Nutrition Pro Test Dose

2 capsules per day. 1 before the first meal and another 6 hours later.

This is a quite low dose for this product. You want something that has around 4 capsules to keep your body processing all the testosterone boosting ingredients for the entire day. Whilst you may get some good results from the Fenugreek, this dosing means that it could be a bit weak.

1up Nutrition Pro Test Side Effects

You shouldn’t get any negative side effects from this product. All ingredients are natural and safe. The problem is that we doubt you’ll get any positive effects either, due to the dosing issues.

1up Nutrition Pro Test Cost

This product is sold at a massive $54.99/£40.00 from 1upnutrition.com. Very overpriced for what you are getting. You could get any of our proven top 3 testosterone boosters for cheaper than this, which contain higher servings and far more proven ingredients. Not to mention higher doses of Fenugreek.

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1up Nutrition Pro Test Review Conclusion

We wanted to love this product. But the ingredients profile is a little lacking. There is some good proven testosterone boosting ingredients in here, but ultimately Pro Test falls down because most of them are scientifically unproven.

The hefty price tag is also a problem. $54.99 is just too expensive for something that has a proprietary blend that contains only 3 ingredients that will affect your testosterone levels.

If you want better value, more effective products, check our top 3.

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