ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review

My #1 testosterone booster has been something I’ve used on and off for 2 years now. It’s safe and can easily be cycled and give you amazing benefits. I’m always on the lookout for something new and groundbreaking though (that might save me money too). ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review…is this going to be mine (and yours) favourite booster?

The ingredients profile in Blues Testosterone Booster is completely natural, which is good. At first glance it also contains some fairly good testosterone boosting ingredients. But also some not so good ones.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this is going to get you JACKED and STACKED anyway.


ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Core Ingredients

It’s good to see a blend of natural ingredients in this product. This is essential if you are looking for a safe way to increase your testosterone levels.

Some herbs, listed at the bottom are largely unproven though, so may not get you the exceptional results you can get from other products.


This is a solid way to increase testosterone. Dosed at the correct level, Fenugreek will increase levels of the lutenizing hormone, which is then turned into testosterone in males.

Studies have proven and backed the use of this herb, so you should always look out for it when buying a testosterone booster.


There is some evidence to support this herbs use for helping with sexual problems. However there are no real studies into it’s use for boosting testosterone.

You may see some increases in sexual satisfaction, but again generally it’s only been found to do this when L-Arginine is also in the supplement.


While there are generally good signs around using DIM (Diindolylmethane) to increase testosterone, these just isn’t enough science yet.

It’s recommended that to avoid side effects you want around 100mg and no more of DIM.


These herbs reduce cortisol and improve testosterone. However we struggled to find any real science backing their use. Meaning this blend isn’t very exciting from a scientific perspective and you can get things like DIM from Broccoli, Kale etc.

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ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Dose

120 capsules in each bottle. 3 capsules per serving. A fairly solid dose for an effective testosterone booster. But Blues falls short of the mark due to it’s use of scientifically unproven ingredients.

You’re basically not going to make the best gains as some ingredients won’t work/are the product of clever marketing and stupid hype.

ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Side Effects

It’s unlikely you will get any negative side effects from this completely natural blend.

For best results you will find online that you only need around 100mg of DIM and 100mg of Fenugreek etc etc otherwise it can just be wasted by the body.

ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Cost

£39.99 for 120 caps. A similar price to our premium number #1 booster. Except the ingredients in this are limited and largely unproven.

It’s vital you buy a testosterone booster that uses blends of proven ingredients and offers differing ways to support the natural production of testosterone.

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review Conclusion

This product does have some solid ingredients. But ultimately it’s a little over priced for the load in it that are unproven to boost your testosterone.

Remember when buying a testosterone booster you do need something natural, but you also need something that is completely backed by science to get you those results.

ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review
  • 4.3/10
    ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review - 4.3/10

ZKK Blues Testosterone Enhancer Review

Needs it’s ingredients and dosing addressing before it will truly impact your testosterone.

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