USN Testo Max 17 Testosterone Booster Review

Supplement industry giants USN present their testosterone boosting offering Testo Max 17 Testosterone booster.  USN have been creating reliable supplements for years and have massive athletes on their team, such as shredded IFBB Pro Ryan Terry. In previous years we have been huge fans of USN’s protein. In this review we will deconstruct Testo Max 17 and see if it lives up to our high expectations of USN.


Core Ingredients

We are instantly a little disheartened looking at this. USN have opted for a proprietary blend. This basically means they are using undisclosed amounts of ingredients inside their ‘Botanical Blend’. Whilst there are clearly some good testosterone boosting ingredients that make up the product, the use of a proprietary blend instantly sets off alarm bells.

Vitamin D


The human body produces vitamin D naturally through sunlight. Being even slightly deficient in this vitamin can cause lethargy and tiredness as well as other problems. This vitamin is absolutely crucial to testosterone production and has been scientifically proven to help boost metabolism also. It’s good to see a good dose of vitamin D Testo Max 17.


A crucial mineral to the body. And one that also directly impacts testosterone production in males. Supplementing Zinc has been shown to increase levels of androgen in the males testes. Androgen is then converted by the body into testosterone. You do not produce Zinc, and only get it from food. So supplementation is generally important for people engaging in athletic activity. The dosing is a little under in Testo Max, you ideally want a full daily dose (10mg).


Boron is an ok testosterone boosting ingredient. It generally works by helping with hormonal imbalances. It’s used medically to help women on the whole, however some studies have found that this supplement does work for males too. It’s not a bad ingredient, but we’d like something with a little more science in this product instead. (Good alternative, magnesium)

Shilajith Extract

This is an extremely rare ingredient that actually comes out the earth in powdered form. Generally shilajith extract is used in old medicine to treat a number of issues. It is most likely in Testo Max 17 due to its apparent, but not proven, ability to aid with the bodies absorption of supplements. This has not been proven. What’s more this ingredient is generally so rare there’s probably not enough in here for it to work.


A proven testosterone boosting ingredient. A scientific study found that fenugreek supplementation helped with the regulation of hormones. This boosted the available testosterone in the males that were studied. Another benefit of this ingredient is that it has been found to increase libido due to its interactions with other sex hormones.


This plant that comes from India is thought to have a lot of uses. But, there isn’t actually any evidence for any of them. It has been rumoured to help with male fertility, but there are no studies that prove this correct.


This is another natural ingredient in the botanical part of this supplement. Eurycoma has actually been found to do some good too. In one study, there was a reported rise in the sperm count of men. This was marginal, but it’s better than nothing.


2 capsules daily, with a meal.  Cycle 5 days on, 1 day off.  The dose for us is a little low. Ideally you want a supplement that provides full amounts of all it’s ingredients and throughout the day. 3-4 capsules is ideal for building the optimal environment for testosterone growth. It’s also worth noting that there are no ingredients in this supplement that would require it to be cycled. Disappointing.

What’s the Cost?

$39.99 from For what this is? We’d say that was a little pricey. Whilst there are some fairly expensive raw ingredients here, very few of them are actually proven effective. We are more than happy to spend money on something premium, but this product is just a little bit limited in what it offers. Not what we are used to from USN.




USN Testo Max 17 Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Elements of the product are great. But, the proprietary blend and under dosing of zinc are all big problems. We are not convinced this will deliver massive results like other testosterone booosters on the market. Check out our Prime Male or TestoFuel review for something that offers far more for a similar price.

USN Testo Max 17 Testosterone Booster Review
  • 5.9/10
    USN Testo Max 17 Testosterone Booster Review - 5.9/10


Under dosing and that proprietary blend let this supplement down. There’s far better-proven ingredients they could have used too. We like USN and so must admit this was a bit of a let down. There are positives in some ingredients we are sure would have some effect, and we do like the branding.

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