Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Testosterone Booster Review

Animal Stak is a supplement known in the bodybuilding industry. This product has recently had some changes made to it’s original formula. The first Animal Stak actually contained banned substances, so Universal Nutrition have decided to put together this legal version. Animal Stak works the same was as any testosterone booster, it encourages the body to produce more testosterone naturally. The product is very complex in terms of it’s ingredients list compared to many testosterone boosters. This has led many to think that this supplement should actually be used in a wider supplementation program, as opposed to pure testosterone production.


Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile of this supplement is a little daunting. Especially to someone who is new to lifting/want’s more of a direct testosterone booster. Whilst there is no doubt that the ingredients in this supplement will help the body produce testosterone, there are other effects that you will need to take account from this supplement. It’s worth noting that there are also some unproven ingredients in this supplement, that will carry little impact to your testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3, B6, Zinc, Magnesium

These are the bases of any solid testosterone booster. All these vitamins and minerals are required for normal bodily function. Whilst they all have a range of effects on the body they are also each directly linked to testosterone production. If you are buying any testosterone booster, it’s essential they have this in.

Pro Testosterone Complex

This is a proprietary blend of ingredients, formulated to achieve similar results to the above ingredients. Maca Root, Nettle and Tribulus have no real scientific backing. Not ideal. The fenugreek will yield some results but as you don’t actually know the amounts of the ingredients, due to the proprietary blend so you may be getting a lot of the ineffective ingredients in your dose.

Growth Hormone Supportanimal-stak-testosterone-booster-ingredients

This section of the product will be providing you with a pump. Whilst there will be some benefit to this within a testosterone booster, it’s likely that all the key ingredients will be slightly underdosed as again, you can’t see the true amounts. The blend will allow the free flow of ingredients to muscles allowing for a slightly improved performance, but not this isn’t guaranteed again because of the blend.

Aromatase Combating Complex

This helps regulate and combat estrogen production. This could be a little risky though as the ingredients need to be used to balance increased estrogen levels. Ideally you use something like this after a cycle of steroids, to help combat preventing gyno.

Hormone Amplifying Blend

L-Carnitine and Phosphatidylserine are used to help combat cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases after intense exercise. The problem with cortisol is that it negatively affects testosterone levels, so keeping it in check is important. Both the ingredients in this blend will however need dosing fairly highly, which is unlikely given the size of the blend in Animal Stak.

Restorative Support Complex

Another area of this supplement that is likely underdosed.  A couple of ingredients in here need doses of over 300mg for any results. We doubt there is any chance of this supplement actually fitting the correct doses into the 500mg combined total.


The dosing of Animal Stak is a little problematic. We can certainly see what they are trying to achieve, however it’s likely, in fact it’s certainly the case that most of the ingredients in the proprietary blends are underdosed. The dosing of some testosterone support ingredients is pretty good, but you can get a lot more testosterone support from our current favourite testosterone boosters.

Whats the Cost?

$55.99 is what we found it for on amazon. Whilst there are most likely a range of pack sizes and options available we think, if you are purely boosting t-levels, you can get a better deal with Prime Male or TestoFuel. BUT if you are post cycling, and have a stack optimized for this product it is most likely worth it.

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

We don’t doubt this is a good product and will deliver some pretty good results. But we do think if you are just looking to boost testosterone levels and not coming off a steroid cycle, there are better products out there for you. The proprietary blend also leaves us a little blind with being able to fully analyse the ingredients. Check out our top 3 testosterone boosters for something more direct and effective. 

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Testosterone Booster Review
  • 8/10
    Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Testosterone Booster Review - 8.0/10


One for the serious lifters with a high level of understanding of supplementation. If you are just purely wanting to boost testosterone, we’d recommend looking elsewhere. However if you are looking for something to use in conjunction with steroids, it’s worth looking further into.

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