Titan Nutrition Test Launch Review

Launch your test to new levels with Titan Nutrition’s Test Booster.  Or so you hope anyway…

Test Launch is a natural based testosterone boosting supplement from the medium sized supplements company, Titan Nutrition.

The product looks a little cheap, with over the top labelling and a weird feel to it. However it’s not all about looks.

Ingredients wise Test Launch contains 7 ingredients they hope, and you hope, will boost your testosterone above natural levels.

If you want increased testosterone and you want it fast, you need to ensure what you buy is natural and proven to boost testosterone levels. This will ensure you can supplement for longer and build up testosterone levels as high as possible with minimal unwanted side effects.


Titan Nutrition Test Launch Ingredients

The ingredients in Test Launch are OK. There’s certainly some proven herbs and minerals in here that will help create a better environment for testosterone but there are also some that just won’t work.

Doses of these ingredients that will boost your levels of testosterone need to be perfectly balanced and supplemented evenly through the day to get you the best muscle building, libido increasing results.

Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients in Test Launch and see which are going to get you JACKED;Titan Nutrition Test Launch Ingredients

L-Aspartic Acid

Similar to D-Aspartic acid and is absolutely essential to the production of the lutenizing hormone.

This hormone is what is converted to testosterone in the testes and will get you that boost.  Be cautious with the 3000mg though as this has potential to cause a slightly upset stomach, especially if taken on an empty stomach.


The product of soviet scientists in the 80’s, after actual scientific study it’s been found that Tribulus doesn’t directly increase testosterone production as once though.

There’s limited use for this being in a testosterone booster and whilst it’s natural and safe, it just won’t work.

Maca Root

This is a South American herb that has been supplemented for years due to it’s supposed use for libido.

The problem with Maca is that when it was studied for potential testosterone boosting properties in the US, it was found to have no real benefits.


Fenugreek is a proven testosterone boosting herb that gets you good results even from lower doses (100mg+)

Generally this is perfectly safe for supplementation and is effective at what it does.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, or the sunshine vitamin is something lots of the world actually don’t get enough of.

Vitamin D3 plays an absolutely essential role in hormone regulation and so is an essential ingredient in a testosterone booster.

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Titan Nutrition Test Launch Dose

The dosing of Titan Nutritions Test launch is pretty good. Ensuring you are kept full of the essential ingredients through the day is 8 capsules per serving.

This could be a little annoying to supplement so many, but it’s worth it if you remember to take them all.

Generally the amounts of the ingredients are ok and shouldn’t yield any unwanted side effects.

Just be a little careful with the 3000mg of L-Aspartic acid.

Titan Nutrition Test Launch Side Effects

You shouldn’t get any negative side effects from Titan Nutritions Test Launch as long as you supplement it with a meal or snack.

This is because the L-Aspartic acid may cause a slightly upset stomach, but nothing too serious.

As all the ingredients are natural, you should be safe with Test Launch.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

Titan Nutrition Test Launch Review Conclusion

Test Launch is an average testosterone booster.

It’s hefty serving size ensures you are getting a good dose of some key testosterone boosting ingredients, but there’s also a few filler ingredients in here too.

These aren’t really backed by science to may only get you limited results.

There are better testosterone boosters on the market for a similar price or a little more, that use proven ingredients only. So we’d recommend checking these out first if you are serious about boosting your testosterone.

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosters Titan Nutrition Test Launch Review Conclusion
  • 6.8/10
    Top 3 Testosterone Boosters Titan Nutrition Test Launch Review Conclusion - 6.8/10


An average testosterone booster with a huge serving size. You may get some slight results from this but it’s not going to be as fast and as effective as it could be!

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