Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Fat Burner Review


This product says it does everything that a fat burner should. With a focus on increasing metabolism and burning through extra calories. Thermaxin is made by a UK based company called Astral Nutrition and is currently the top of all the searches for fat burners in the UK. If you are looking to trim some fat and increase energy for exercise then this product looks like it could be a fairly safe bet. One initial concern is that it may be a little under dosed, but the cheap price seems to be the reason for this.

Core Ingredients

It’s great this product contains all natural ingredients. Any fat burner you buy should do this, as you don’t want to be putting risky chemcials in your body that could do harm. There are some ingredients in here that may have a few side effects too, so be conscious of that if you decide to purchase this product. It’s good to see vitamin b12 in here (the energy vitmain) as well as niacin too.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Increases metabolism and helps you keep energy levels up for workouts. This ingredient is a staple for any good fat burner and is good to see in Thermaxin. This product might be a little under dosed though, but this does depend on an individuals tolerance.

Green Tea Extractthermaxin-ingredients

Under dosed to be truly effective again. Whilst you might get some of the benefits of the metabolism boosting, anti oxidant effects of green tea from this product, chances are they will be minimal.


Should help increase the absorption of the other ingredients in the product, yielding better results. Remember though that this effect is not fully proven within supplements.

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)

“However, it’s fat burning properties are something that are yet to be fully proven. While it may aid the digestive system and in turn help with metabolic rate, the dose in this supplement is a little small. There is a chance that this can actually interact negatively with caffeine. This is due to it being chemically similar to the banned substance ephedrene. Be cautious if you are buying.”

Black Pepper 

“Research has found that black pepper can block the formation of new fat cells, not only this, but it studies have shown that it can aid with the absorption of the other ingredients. The dosage is ok given the lacking amount of other effective ingredients, however we do recommend around 10mg of Black pepper for optimal effect.”

Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Side Effects

There is potential for this product to cause some crashes due to the small dose. It’s also wise to be wary of the bitter orange, as this could potentially cause some side effects due to it’s similarities with Ephedrene.


What’s The Cost?

You can buy this for about £25.00. This is pretty good value, but due to the smaller doses you’re not going to get amazing results from one month. If you are going to invest in your health and fitness we would always say shop around and look for something premium and proven.

Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a fairly solid product. However it contains some fairly unsafe ingredients and also has a low dose of all the others. This is however reflected in it’s cheap price. But, if we were going to go for a fat burner, we’d always spend a little more for something premium that’s better researched. Our current number #1 fat burner is a good example of this. 


Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Fat Burner Review Conclusion
  • 6/10
    Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Fat Burner Review Conclusion - 6.0/10

Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer Fat Burner Review Conclusion

A reasonably good product. It’s certainly affordable but might not get you the best results possible from a fat burner, meaning you will probably need to supplement it for a long period. If you want quicker, better and proven results we’d recommend you check out our current number #1.

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