TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Review

What actually happens when you take this TOXIC supplement?

Boosting testosterone is essential for anyone looking to make bigger gains, faster. With a whole host of other benefits higher levels of testosterone can be achieved with a solid natural testosterone booster.

TF7 Labs testosterone booster is the rather disappointing ‘Toxin’. Whilst this product looks worth it’s expensive price tag, using a nice looking bottle and brand, the ingredients profile is a little lacking. With only the focus being one ingredient.

When you are looking to boost your testosterone you need a range of clinically dosed and proven ingredients. We’ve found 3 boosters that are worth your time and money and WILL get you results.

Will TF7 Labs Toxin, by some miracle, actually out do our top 3 boosters and get us jacked?

Read on….

TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Core Ingredients

With only one active ingredient it’s hard to see this product being worth your hard earned money.

Getting a product that can boost testosterone requires a smart dosing structure that will provide your body with the tools it needs to create an environment where you will increase testosterone production.

The single ingredient in this product is:

Bulbine at 200mg

When you take a look at some scientific studies you may find that bulbine has some good qualities as a natural testosterone booster.

BUT, these studies were conducted on rats. Sadly your organs are a little different to a rat.

What’s more interesting is that the same rats had organ damage similar to that of a real steroid cycle.

The whole point of buying a natural booster is to avoid this sort of organ damage.

Another problem is that the results you get will in no way match a steroid cycle, making this ingredient a dangerous waste of money.

Buy steroids or buy a proven, safe natural booster for similar effects like our top 3.

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TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Dose

The dose of Bulbine in this product is very high. As expected, which may cause some stomach upsets.

You are also required to take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules at night. So 8 capsules a day for limited results.

That’s a big effort.

Science has proven that the best way to boost testosterone naturally is by taking 3-4 capsules through the day, ensuring your body is topped up with the blend of testosterone boosting ingredients, vitamins and minerals it needs. All of our top 3 follow this well practiced serving method.

TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Side Effects

Bulbine has similar effects as illegal steroids when it comes to side effects. So expect some potential organ damage from supplementing this product.

This is silly as the whole point of investing in a natural testosterone booster is because it is a safe alternative to problems like this.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Review Conclusion

This product is literally Toxic and should be supplemented with care.

It’s single ingredient will probably not boost testosterone levels to any degree of certainty as any studies of Bulbine have been done on rats.

This is also a very expensive product with a bit of a crazy serving size. You’re going to get far better results from something like TestoFuel.

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TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Review Conclusion
  • 2/10
    TF7 Labs Toxin Test Booster Review Conclusion - 2/10


Get’s a couple of points for the cool branding. But you’re better off with something from our top 3.

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