Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review

My Authour BoxHad a shocker today, car broke down on the way to the gym. 2 hours until a recovery van could come. Not one to complain though, as meal prep meant I had a nice roadside dinner with a protein shake. All the time thinking about my Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review.

The ingredients profile largely uses natural ingredients to promote testosterone boosting. The problem with gels is that they work very differently (obviously) to the usual testosterone boosting capsules.

For me, the application of a gel every day can get a bit tiresome (yes the guy who takes 9 capsules per day just said that) so supplementation or rubbing of gels can get a little annoying.


Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Ingredients

The ingredients profile in Strikefirst Nutritions t boosting gel is pretty vast. With a massive focus on the natural side of things. But also the FDA approved inclusion of ‘testosterone’.

Looking over it, it’s really hard to tell about the conventional dosing of these ingredients and if they will allow the body to produce any extra testosterone at all.

The HGH and TESTOSTERONE 6X are NOT similar to steroids. Whilst they may deliver some slight results, it’s worth noting that studies have shown only 10% of topical creams are absorbed. So you might not be getting much as it passes into the blood stream.

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review

It’s worth remembering that whilst you also may be getting some proven testosterone boosters in here, like Fenugreek, you lose a lot of the effect of them due it being a topical supplement.

Things like stinging nettle and tribulus haven’t really been shown to impact testosterone levels at al.

This lack of scientific evidence is worrying, especially for a product that charges so much and is small so easily lost.

Ginkgo Biloba is generally used to increase blood flow and improve circulation, but again probably isn’t the most effective ingredient to be used topically.

Don’t get us wrong, some creams like this do work, but you are more likely to find the ones that do behind the counter at a pharmacy, not in a cream you can buy online.

We wouldn’t have majorly high hopes for this supplement increasing your testosterone, and you’d be far better off investing in something proven to work. (And that I couldn’t live without)

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Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Side Effects

The risk with any topical supplement comes from the fact that your skin could react badly.

This is easily solved by applying a tester amount on a patch of skin over a few weeks. This product is best applied where there are clear veins. They also suggest 3 weeks on then a break from using.

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Dose

It’s hard to see the actual dose here. But given the fact you can apply 4 times a day in total, it’s probably not that strong.

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Cost

$149.99 for one tube. Very expensive for something that may be lowly dosed and only partially absorbed into the skin.

We know it’s a completely different kettle of fish, but to allow the body to product it’s own testosterone and build up that way you are much better off with a proven booster.

This will also cost you far, far less money.

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review Conclusion

Hmmmm. Not a fan. This is very pricey for something that uses a natural form of testosterone. Do not compare this to steroids, it’s not.

You are far better off supplementing a clinically dosed capsule, that uses a blend of ingredients to help your body produce testosterone than applying it to your skin!

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review Conclusion
  • 2/10
    Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review Conclusion - 2/10

Strikefirst Nutrition Testall Gel Review Conclusion

We like the name. But not the product. Check our top 3 proven testosterone boosters.

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