Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review

My Authour BoxTired today. Missed the gym as I had to work late and there was no sun in the sky. Sort of demotivating, but luckily I find a testosterone booster, can improve energy levels and motivation. I’d be asleep now if it wasn’t for mine. Tonight I’m taking a look at Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review.

This booster looks pretty good and comes from the Netherlands. Using a combination of predominantly natural ingredients, it should provide you with a good natural boost of testosterone.

The product looks good and comes from Stacker Europe, who have a big range of various testosterone boosters available.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this supplement is going to get you JACKED and STACKED…(and horny)…


Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Core Ingredients

It’s good to see natural ingredients making up the bulk of this product. And also some key testosterone boosting minerals in there too. There is however some issues with some of the major ingredients and a lack of scientific evidence.

Let’s take a closer look at doses and and the major ingredients and see what you can expect, or not expect from this product.


Tribulus does not work as a testosterone boosting supplement. Studies have directly proven it is not linked in any way to this. To quote a study (

After 5 weeks of training, strength and fat free mass increased significantly without any between-group differences. No between-group differences were noted in the urinary T/E ratio. It was concluded that T. terrestris did not produce the large gains in strength or lean muscle mass that many manufacturers claim can be experienced within 5-28 days.


Maca is a root from Peru. It’s another supplement that has been used for libido for some time, however science isn’t on it’s side.

When a study was conducted on a group of males in the US they found that Maca had no impact on testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is something that a high proportion of the world are actually deficient in. This ingredient is a solid addition to any testosterone boosting supplement.

It’s proven to increase testosterone levels and, actually, the higher the vitamin D3 in you, the higher your testosterone levels are going to be.

Zinc, Magnesium

A great set of minerals and do have a massive impact on testosterone levels. Zinc and Magnesium should absolutely be on your list when it comes to a testosterone booster.

It’d be good to see other ingredients, like Oyster Extract, that have high levels of these in too, as this would lead to further benefits.

Stacker Anabolic Complex


This blend of herbs hides the individual ingredient of each. Rhodiola is a proven ingredient that generally you see in pre workouts and needs supplementing at 100mg or more.

Damiana, Green Oat and Muiria will potentially have effects at the correct dose. However as this is hidden away, we doubt you will get any benefits from this blend. A shame really.

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Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Dose

3 capsules twice a day. This is a bit too much at too once and will lead to lots of the key minerals being wasted by your body.

For an optimal dose you need 4-5 capsules spread evenly through the day taken with a meal or snack.

This product is lacking in key natural testosterone boosting ingredients and dosed so that anything effective will be unlikely to have any real effect.

Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Side Effects

We doubt you’ll get any negative side effects from Testo 4HD, but you probably won’t get any amazing results either.

Very disappointing as Stacker Europes other supplements are pretty reliable and good!

Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Cost

Around £30/€27 generally and is available from a load of European stores and also Ebay and Amazon.

This is ok value for the number of capsules. BUT you could get a better testosterone booster with a bigger list of proven ingredients for just a bit more. Our top 3 are dosed better, formulated better and actually tested and proven.

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Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review Conclusion

We were excited to review this testosterone booster. But ultimately it let us down with it’s proprietary blend and over use of unproven ingredients.

You may get some slight results from this, but ultimately you’d be far better off sticking with a proven booster from our top 3. 

Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review Conclusion
  • 2.5/10
    Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review Conclusion - 2.5/10

Stacker Europe Testo 4HD Review Conclusion

A weak formula of unproven ingredients mean this might be a cheap booster, but it’s not going to get you any increase in testosterone.

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