Protein Empire Testo Boost Review

Elite Testo booster is the budget testosterone booster offering from the relatively new Protein Empire. This product boasts to do what any good testosterone booster can do and improve strength and power, whilst also helping with sexual health. With supplements you generally get what you pay for, however we are always on the lookout for some bargain gains. Will this product have what it takes to get to our number #1 spot?

Core Ingredients

There’s some solid ingredients in Elite Testo Boost. What’s better is that they are completely natual too. We do have major reservations about the dosing of each of them though. Whilst this may seem like a good value offering, generally supplements that hide individual doses are full of the cheaper and ineffective ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid

One of the most reliable testosterone boosting supplements out there. For good results from this scientifically proven ingredient you need to be supplementing 2000mg upwards, spread throughout the day. Elite Testo Boost doesn’t seem to contain this level, but that’s fair given it’s cheap price.


Maca is a plant that originates in Peru and has been used as a herbal remedy for some time. The bodybuilding community is torn on whether it is actually effective at improving performance or not. Scientific studies aren’t on it’s side. With no conclusive proof that it actaully works. Generally you won’t get any side effects from this ingredient, but you also wouldn’t get the best results.


Something you should be supplementing to boost testosterone, fenugreek is a proven and natural testosterone booster. It’s good to see in here.


Zinc is a mineral that’s directly involved in the production of lutenizing hormone, which directly influences testosterone production. Another good ingredient to have in a testosterone booster, which is lacking in Elite Testo Boost, is magnesium. Most of our top 3 have this. 


Selenium is important for the regulation of your metabolism. Studies have also looked at if it actually helps with prostate health and improves testosterone. These studies didn’t find any evidence that it does this. So whilst this is a good mineral to supplement, there’s a chance it won’t increase testosterone.

Vitamin D

Studiest have proven Men with lower vitamin D, have lower levels of testosterone. Supplementing vitamin d helps the body with hormone product and also improvements to metabolic rate. There are actaully receptors that absorb vitamin d in your hypothalamus and pituitary glands. You need this in a testosterone booster and should be looking for 5000IU plus.

Testo Boost Side Effects

You won’t get any side effects from this product, but we doubt you will get any positive effects either due to the potential under dosing of the key ingredients.

What’s The Cost?

£24.99 from Amazon. Probably even cheaper in other places. This price is a reflection of the dosing issues. You are better off spending slightly more and investing in one of our top 3 testosterone boosters. 

Protein Empire Testo Boost Review Conclusion

We like this product. It’s affordable and it is made up of natural ingredients as any testosterone booster you buy should be. The major downfall is the lack of information about dosing and serving size. Meaning you are probably get something less effective than any of our top 3 t-boosters. This means you will have to take this product a lot longer to get the sort of muscle building and test boosting results you’d want.

Protein Empire Testo Boost Review
  • 7.2/10
    Protein Empire Testo Boost Review Conclusion - 7.2/10

Protein Empire Testo Boost Review Conclusion

Safe and cheap, but with issues to do with a potentially low and ineffective dose. We’d recommend looking at our current top 3 to see what you should be looking for in a testosterone booster.

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