Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review

In this Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review we will find out if this supplement will actually increase your testosterone levels. Or if it’s just another scam trying to take your cash.

Increasing testosterone is something every male should be doing, but it can be hard and expensive. So will Alphamax XT be the product that makes you big gains?

Core Ingredients

There’s a mix of herbs in here that are largely unproven and some under dosed to deliver optimal results. You’re not going to need an Estrogen control for this product as we doubt the increase in testosterone you get from it will require one.

The blends, like Lean Mass Activator are also gimmicks, just to make the product seem like it does more than it actually does.

Vitamin D

Great to see. This ingredient is scientifically proven to raise testosterone in males. (See our top 3 page for studies) We’d like a bit of a higher dose than is in this product though, as it will ensure you are getting the most from ‘the sunshine vitamin’.

Magnesium and ZincPerformax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Two minerals that are again proven as testosterone boosters. You NEED to be supplementing these if you want any chance of your testosterone levels increasing. This product is slightly under dosed with these scientifically proven testosterone boosting ingredients.

Both these minerals exist in various forms in our top 3 in a much higher, proven dosage.

Free & Total Testosterone

This blend contains 3 extracts that are unfortunately not proven by studies to increase testosterone. Urtica Dioica comes in at a very high dose too, especially for something that isn’t proven to deliver results.

We’ve had experiences with Mucuna Pruiens extract in the past and it wasn’t good. You want to be looking for proven ingredients like Fenugreek and Red Ginseng as opposed to these.


This product is under dosed in it’s serving size and also with any of it’s effective ingredients. 2 capsules per day is also slightly under the 3 – 4 capsules per day recommended for optimal testosterone productions.

Side Effects

You could get some minor ones from the highly dosed ingredients, but there is a fairly big lack of anything that will cause any effects or side effects. It’s not risky, it’s not anything. Just buy a vitamin D pill instead.

What’s the Cost?

We found this product for £31.95 / $45 at Predator Nutrition. This is fairly expensive for a product that only offers 2 capsules per day and is under dosed with key testosterone boosting ingredients.

Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

All in all this is a lacking product. We can’t say for sure that you are going to get good results from this, as largely the ingredients are unproven on a scientific level. There’s also issues with the dose of the ingredients that are proven to boost your testosterone.

It certianly looks good though and we do have to give it a couple of points for the fact it’s got a big focus on the effects of vitamin D. But you can get so much more for your money. To get an idea:

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Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review
  • 5/10
    Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review - 5/10

Performax Labs Alphamax XT Testosterone Booster Review

Major issues with under dosing and also ingredients that simply will not work. This is a well marketed good looking product, but lacks a lot of testosterone boosting bite. Click to see our proven top 3.

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