The People’s Chemist Raw-T Testosterone Booster Review

You’re looking to get all the benefits of higher testosterone levels, fast.

It’s no secret a solid testosterone booster can do the job, it worked for me!

But is The People’s Chemist Raw-T actually going to impact your testosterone levels? Or is this hidden blend of ingredients just going to take your money and leave you wanting more.

To understand if it’s going to work, we need to understand the key ingredients in it.

They’ve got one thing right for you, it’s all natural. So that’s a strong start.

The People’s Chemist Raw-T Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

You won’t the supplement facts of the peoples chemist Raw T anywhere online. The product though, is made up of 3 ingredients.

All natural which is great to see, as this means they are safe and not going to cause unwanted side effects (unless they are heavily over dosed, which we doubt.)


This is an ingredient that contains ‘sterols’. Supplement makers have jumped on this and thought that these will be converted to anabolic hormone testosterone in the body.

This is simply not true. This is a scam ingredient and should be avoided.


Fenugreek is a proven and effective testosterone boosting plant. It works by increasing the amount of lutenizing hormone, this is then converted to testosterone.

It’s good to see in here, but for an optimal booster you really need more than just fenugreek.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Known more commonly as longjack. This is an age old herb when it comes to helping men with libido issues.

Whilst you may thing that libido and testosterone are directly linked, it’s not exactly true.

LongJack hasn’t yet been proven to boost testosterone, so the jury is still out if it actually works. You’re better off finding a proven ingredient like Oyster Extract to take LongJack’s place.

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The People’s Chemist Raw-T Testosterone Booster Dose

We’re not sure on exact amounts in this boost, so can’t say what dose you’ll be getting.

Remember though, if you want an effective testosterone booster you really need to be getting something that has clincal dosing and more than 3 ingredients.

Our number #1 booster has 10 natural and proven boosters and comes in at around price.


The People’s Chemist Raw-T Testosterone Booster Side Effects

The beauty of natural supplements is that you will get minimal side effects.

Raw-T only uses a limited amount of natural ingredients, all that are safe unless supplement at extremely high doses.

When buying any testosterone booster, you’ll get just as good results from a product that contains the right natural ingredients. You’ll also be side effect free.

The People’s Chemist Raw-T Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

We don’t trust this testosterone booster. There is very restricted information online.

Nobody seems to have any results from it and the price is also very high for something with such a small ingredients profile.

Any good testosterone booster shows it’s ingredients, the doses and how they work. This is what you need to be looking out for when buying something to boost your testosterone.

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