PAS Nutrition Game Ready Pre-Workout Review

My Authour BoxPas Nutrition are a UK based supplements company who sponsor a wide range of athletes. We have recently reviewed their testosterone booster and found it to contain a solid set of ingredients, but at a very high price. A similar situation seems to be going on with Game Ready.

*’Game Ready Energy Powder’ is a pre-workout supplement.



Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile on this product is similar to any good pre-workout, with a few small tweaks. Again, at first glance you will see things that will greatly benefit your workout giving you a solid muscle pump and increased energy, however looking further down there’s also a couple of problem ingredients.

You shouldn’t let this really put you off buying, but when the product is priced so highly, you should expect a perfect formula.


Good. Every good pre-workout should have this base ingredient in it to give you a boost in energy whilst you workout. This product however is slightly under dosed, especially given the serving size of 3 scoops.

You’d get better results from a higher dose of caffeine whilst still not getting any side effects.

Alpha GPCpas-nutrition-game-ready-ingredients

This is a compound that generally is put in pre-workouts as it contains choline. Choline has been thought to aid with a few bodily processes, namely increase the speed at which it crosses the blood brain barrier. In short, this is more to aid mental focus. This however, hasn’t yet to be fully proven.


Allows the muscles to access greater stores of ‘quick energy’. Creatine is a great addition to a pre-workout and has been trusted by bodybuilders for decades. Creatine also allows your muscles to increase the volume of water they hold, meaning you will look thicker and fuller.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is an ingredient that will help with neuromuscular performance and increase the amount of chemicals released in the brain as you train. This will mean that your workouts are improved and you will benefit from increased focus and alertness. You may experience some side effects when dosing this ingredient, so check your tolerance.


You will get an almighty pump from a pre-workout that contains citrulline. It basically improves the nitric oxide metabolism in your body. Meaning that muscles will feel fuller and thicker and performance will increase. This ingredient should be the focus of any pre-workout.

Beta Alanine

This is another amino acid, and has been associated with improved athletic performance. You will generally get an itching feeling when you supplement this, however this is more of an annoyance than anything else. This supplement has far better ingredients so including beta alanine is a little pointless.


1 – 3 scoops per day. This tells us that each single dose is very low in the ingredients stated. Whilst you will get some good effects, you are essentially paying more money for less product, due to it being weaker. Our top 3 pre-workouts do a far better job of using natural ingredients, safe for athletes, to deliver amazing results.

What’s the Cost?

£59.99. Very overpriced. The ingredients profile is small and the dosing is weak. We are sorry to say that it’s just not worth your money, and you can get far better products with more active ingredients and a higher dose for less.



PAS Nutrition Game Ready Side Effects

There could be some side effects like itching and redness on the skin due to the beta alanine in this product. However generally, given the low dose, this product looks fairly safe to take worry free. All ingredients are natural too, which is a must for any pre-workout.

PAS Nutrition Game Ready Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

This is a solid product, but not at all worth the price. There are a couple of poor ingredients in here too, that mean it won’t deliver you the best pre-workout experience. There are far better products out there. Check out our top 3 pre-workout supplements to see what you should be investing in this year.

PAS Nutrition Game Ready Pre-Workout Review Conclusion
  • 6.2/10
    PAS Nutrition Game Ready Pre-Workout Review Conclusion - 6.2/10

PAS Nutrition Game Ready Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

A fairly good product let down by a hefty price tag and some ineffective and annoying ingredients.

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