Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Review

My Authour BoxThis is a complete Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed review. We are going to take a look at this exciting booster and see if the product is going to jack up your testosterone levels.

This product looks the part but will it’s contents and effects stand up against our top 3 testosterone boosters?

Core Ingredients

This product contains a good amount of proven natural testosterone boosting ingredients. But there are a few in here that haven’t been studied and will probably lead to minimal results.

The added B vitamins and copper will also contribute to increased energy levels and overall health.

D-Aspartic AcidOlimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Ingredients

Great start. However slightly under dosed. DAA is something that has been proven to increase testosterone and has been used by athletes for years to improve performance. This is something that features heavily in our top 3 supplements.


Another proven testosterone booster. This herb has been used for centuries to increase libido and build up test. It’s also proven to work.

Maca Root

Maca is hit and miss. There are some who say this works as a testosterone booster, however there are no scientific studies to back it up. We’d avoid and look for something with Ginseng to get better results.


We’re glad this is here. Supplementing Zinc is also scientifically proven to boost your testosterone. However this product is a little under dosed.

Pro Activation Blend

Designed to help with the absorption of the other nutrients. This will have minimal effect as most of the other testosterone boosting ingredients in the Testo-Generation formula are heavily under dosed. If you are healthy, then you should also have no real trouble absorbing any product anyway.



This product is heavily under dosed in DAA, Zinc and Fenugreek. These are the proven ingredients with the others being a little lacking.

With only 1 capsule per day it’s also going to give you minimal results. You need a supplement that keeps your body fueled through the day. Look for something that has 3-4 capsules per day.

Side Effects

Minimal. This isn’t good though as the testosterone boosting effects of this product will also be minimal.

What’s the Cost?

We found it for between $32 / £24.99 up to as much as $45 / £35. This is a rip off for a product so heavily under dosed. We’d recommend, if you are serious about boosting your testosterone levels, checking out our top 3.

Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Review Conclusion

We had high hopes for this product as Olimp sport do some great products. However the dosing of all the key ingredients is so low.

A lot of the ingredients are also unproven and most likely won’t work, especially with only 1 serving per day.

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Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Review Conclusion
  • 3.8/10
    Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Review Conclusion - 3.8/10

Olimp Sport Nutrition Testoxeed Review Conclusion

There are some good ingredients in here. But ultimately this product is overpriced for what it is and won’t really have much effect on your testosterone. For scientifically proven testosterone boosters view our top 3.

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