Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9 Review

Every now and again a supplement comes forward that tries to blind us by using a load of technical language, but ultimately the offering that present isn’t as exciting as you’d think.

A good testosterone booster will provide your body with everything it needs to get testosterone levels to normal, post cycle, or increase levels of testosterone for recovery, muscle mass, libido etc.

I do like the look of Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9, but it is priced very highly for something with such a small list of ingredients.

Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9 Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in Growth Factor are fairly small. It uses a proprietary blend of 6 ingredients. 4 of these being amino acids.

The problem with proprietary blends is that you can’t see the individual doses of the ingredients that go into them. Generally, and annoyingly lots of supplements companies use them to hide the fact there are more cheaper, less effective ingredients in their product.

L-Lysine and L-Arginine

Consumption of lysine and arginin, both amino acids has been reported to stimulate the production of the lutenizing hormone.

This is the pre cursor to testosterone and is converted in the male testes. These are good amino acids, but generally DAA would’ve been better to do this as the dose required of Lysine and Arginine will need to be fairly high for optimal results.

Oxo-Proline and Schizonepeta

These ingredients don’t have much science behind them in terms of testosterone boosting and effectiveness.

Nor do they really help with HGH. These are however the main ingredients you are paying for with this product. Which is a little frustrating.


Generally this ingredient will help improve cognition and also recovery.

These are the only benefits. Cysteine will not have any real impact on your testosterone levels.


This will help with training. Generally post workout your natural levels of glutamine are dropped.

By supplementing it you can speed up repair and recovery of muscles and also help with immune function.

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Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9 Core Ingredients Dose

Take it on an empty stomach, ideally when you wake up on the morning.

You need 4 capsules to get the full 2900mg serving.

But this isn’t enough of these amino acids. Even with a fair split of the 6 ingredients you are still lacking so many important factors when it comes to naturally boosting testosterone levels.

Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9 Core Ingredients Side Effects

We doubt there will be too many negative side effects from Growth Factor 9, as the dose of all the ingredients is quite small.

This also means that obviously you’ll probably get limited results from it too.

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Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9 Core Ingredients Review Conclusion

This is is a product that’s trying to look clinical to make it look powerful and serious.

In reality though it’s a pretty weak product that uses 2 untested herbs and a lot of amino acids to try and get you results.

Couple this with a fairly expensive price tag and it’s just not worth it.

There are much better natural boosters out there that will impact testosterone levels in the same way as Growth Factor 9 and then go above and beyond it too.

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