Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Review

I love coconut water. Post workout it’s excellent. I never used to drink much water. Probably 2 liters a day. But I can tell you from experience, DRINK MORE WATER. Coconut water is the king of waters. We are excited for this Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Review as their main focus is on the coconut water in the marketing.

This product loooks pretty gimmicky, like something that you’d find costing a bomb at a local herbal store. It’s good to see a product focused on natural ingredients though, that looks to be dosed pretty well.

Let’s take a closer look at per charge and see if it’s going to give you an incredible pre workout experience anyway.


Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Core IngredientsNova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Ingredients

Looking closer at the ingredients list we are indeed seeing a wealth of natural ingredients. But some which will serve as proven sources of energy and slight increases in nitric oxide etc.

The problem is though, that these ingredients are often unproven in terms of effects, with many not having any studies conducted on them at all.


Coconut Water

This is great for hydration as it contains lots of electrolytes, ensuring you are hydrated and performing at your absolute best. There’s also some vitamins and minerals that come in coconut water, which is a slight benefit. However these are generally in small doses per 100g.

Green Tea (Extract, Yerba Mate, Matcha)

Green tea is a good source of energy and also helps boost the metabolism and burn fat as energy. Generally Green Tea’s caffeine isn’t really high enough for it to be used in a pre workout. You should still get some effects from the large dose in Pre Charge though.

Red Beet Extract

Beetroot has a high amount of nitrates in, so essentially including this ingredient will mean you are allowing for greater blood flow to muscles and a pump. The problem is though, that you can only process so much, so a 500mg dose is a bit extreme. Red Beet is also FULL of sugar, so you could expect some minor crashes/empty calories.

It is a good addition to a pre workout, but you only need around 100mg.


100mg of caffeine is more than enough when it’s supported by the green tea. This should just help top up energy reserves and get you smashing those weights.

The Rest…

We don’t like summing up a products ingredients, but we’ve covered the major ones that will provide some benefit. The rest in this product, other than the Rhodiola (which is dosed too low for it’s calming and focus benefits) are largely untested and unproven.

Whilst this product has some great ideas and the list is exciting to read, for a better pre workout experience you want to opt for something that takes these ideas and boils them down to ones that work.

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Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop is 1 10 gram serving. You get a hefty dose of green tea and coconut water in this, with a decent amount of red beet too.

But why have 500mg of red beet when it could just include 100mg and then a hefty dose of a proven amino acid?

We are sure you will get a good pre workout experience from Pre Charge, but you can easily get better ones that are also natural and free from any crap.

Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Side Effects

You may get some slight crashes from the caffeine, depending on how sensitive you are. But generally as this is a completely natural product it’s also risk free!

Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Taste

Exotic fruit punch flavour! At least it’s a falvour made of natural additions and nothing artificial! This will give it a fruiter, but still quite sour taste. It’s pretty good given some of the awful tasting stuff on the pre workout market at the minute.


Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Cost

$29.99 from A fairly good price given the vast amount of ingredients that have been included in it.

In terms of results though, you could just pay a little more and get something that contains better, refined and proven natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings. Check out our #1 pre workout.

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Nova Forme Pre Charge Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Nova Forme’s heart was in the right place when they made this product. It’s just a shame they’ve opted to fill it full of unproven ingredients as opposed to refining the formula and focusing on natural ingredients that work.

Yes it’s all natural, but there are better natural products that will be more effective out there!

James Wilks

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