MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Review

More test makes you feel better. All over. MuscleTech are an established supplements company who are constantly adding new products to their lines.

Test 3X Black Onyx is the newest testosterone booster and certainly sounds powerful and exciting.

Remember though, a testosterone booster that’s going to work for you needs to be all natural and use only proven and clinically dosed ingredients.

Websites like allow you to triple check that any ingredients actually work and are worth your time and money.

MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Core Ingredients

The core ingredients of MuscleTech’s Test 3X Black Onyx (That’s a mouthful) are fairly standard for a testosterone booster.

There’s good doses of some proven vitamins and minerals in here and also some other key ingredients. It’s frustrating then, that especially with such a big company like MuscleTech. they’ve fallen into the trap of using unproven herbs.

The base vitamins and minerals of Zinc, Folic Acid, Boron and B vitamins are a good solid start, although it’d have been great to see them add some magnesium into the mix too. As this is fairly crucial for testosterone production and normal bodily function.

Let’s see what effects the major ingredients will have on you in this booster anyway.

MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

Studies of DAA supplementation in males found that levels of testosterone rose as high as 45% over a 13 day period.

D Aspartic acid directly contributes to the production of key sex hormones in males. It’s essential that you get a good dose of DAA in any natural testosterone booster you buy.


Tribulus use as a testosterone booster shot up during the 1980’s when Soviet Sports teams thought it help performance enhancing properties.

After a number of modern scientific studies however, this hasn’t exactly been proven in humans and the results you get from this root will most likely be fairly limited.

Ashwagandha Root

Generally Ashwaganda gets you good results for reducing stress and levels of cortisol, which does impact testosterone levels. However it’s not been known to impact your testosterone levels directly.

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MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Dose

The serving size of Test 3X Black Onyx is ideal for anyone wanting to boost testosterone.

It’s essential you have 3-4 capsules per day to deliver the ingredients gradually. This ensures your testosterone levels are kept topped up through the day so your body can utilize the ingredients and gradually increase testosterone levels.

MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from Test 3X as it’s completely natural.

MuscleTech normally do a pretty good job at creating ingredients that are side effects free.

The problem with Test 3X Black Onyx though, is that you won’t get a huge amount of normal effects. Due to them missing out absolutely essential natural testsoterone boosting ingredients like Vitamin D3, Oyster Extract, Maca or Fenugreek.

If you do experience any side effects from MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx it might just be a slightly upset stomach from the DAA.

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MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Review Conclusion

This is an ok testosterone booster. But it’s not exceptional and worth the hefty price tag attached to it.

If you are serious about boosting testosterone there are better products with more powerful blends that come at a  better price.

They’ve just scratched the surface of testosterone boosting with this product. If you want a solid and proven booster, you should be checking out our top 3. 

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

  • 6.8/10
    MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Review Conclusion - 6.8/10

MuscleTech Test 3X Black Onyx Review Conclusion

A fairly good booster, but it’s just not enough to warrant it’s expensive price tag. If you want more for your money, check our top 3.

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