MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Review

Just got a little more shredded mowing the lawn. Great way to burn extra calories if it’s a push mower. Back inside for this MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Review.

MTS Nutrition are a Canadian supplements company with a big catalogue. Generally the stuff they produce is basic and to the point. Performing well.

This testosterone booster looks pretty week in terms of ingredients.

The packaging is good, but the small doses may be a little ineffective when it comes to naturally boosting up your testosterone.

Let’s take a closer look at whats inside this t booster and see if it’s going to get you jacked.

MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile in MTS’s Testosterone Booster is pretty small. It uses 1 amino acid and 3 herbs that supposedly promote free testosterone.

To put a bit of perspective on this product and it’s costs, our top testosterone boosters use blends of around 10 different ingredients. You do sometimes need a little more, or at least proven ingredients.


This amino acid is good for energy uptake and crossing the cell blood barrier. But this logic then it should work to help promote the flow of free testosterone in your blood.

This added benefit of 1000mg of L-Carnitine is that you’ll increase performance in the gym.

Shilajit Extract

Research has just started on this himilayan herb. But it can contain a number of healthy minerals and also a big dose of fulvic acid as it’s bioactive compound.

It’s worth noting that due to a lack of study in humans, this ingredient may just be the product of years and years of use and not have as much benefits as other ingredients available.

Spilanthes Acmella

Spilanthes Acmella is a flower. It’s been used for a number of conditions including toothache and fever.

A study conducted on rats showed a slight increase in testosterone from supplementation, but it’s important to remember you have a completely different physiology to a rat, so it may not work.


This supplement needs further testing as a testosterone booster. It has been used as something to enhance libido for years and years, but again this is still unproven.

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MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Dose

The dose of l carnitine in this is good. Everything else just won’t really do anything, or if it does, will need it’s dose tweaking.

It’s always wise to avoid ingredients that haven’t fully been backed by clinical studies as you don’t actually know what the dose should be to get you results.

It’s also important to be supplementing 3-4 capsules per day to get results from your testosterone booster, so anything you buy should do this.

MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from anything in this product. Even though most ingredients remain untested, they are natural so generally safer.

L-Carnitine is a completely safe amino acid used generally in pre workouts too.

MTS Nutrition Insurgent Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This product is essentially an l-carnitine supplement with a few herbs thrown into the mix.

The ingredients are not proven to promote testosterone in you, so the results will be limited from this product.

This is a shame as MTS Nutrition are usually on the ball with supplements, but this is really letting them down.

For the money, or for a little more there are premium products available with worldwide shipping that are clinically dosed and proven to work.

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