Moore Muscle Moore Test Review

Moore Test is something that make’s a huge difference to your whole life.

This is especially true if you are lifting iron. Moore Test is a natural testosterone booster, that uses a proprietary blend to give your body the tools it needs to jack up testosterone production.

The major problem with companies that use proprietary blends, is that they are generally full of cheaper and less effective ingredients. You can’t see the individual doses of ingredients that go into the supplement.

The ingredients in Moore Test look ok, but again, each one needs to be supplemented at an exact dose to get real results.

Let’s take a closer look at Moore Test and see what goes into it…

Moore Muscle Moore Test Core Ingredients

The proprietary blend that Moore Test hides it’s ingredients doses in is fairly big. With a mix of ingredients that are completely natural and some that are chemical compounds.

Generally, better testosterone boosters use only natural ingredients, this ensures your body will process the ingredients better making the results last longer.

You can also increase the length of time you supplement for if all the ingredients are natural.


Tribulus is a natural herb that was thought to directly increase levels of testosterone by soviet scientists in the 80’s.

Science since then, has proven that this is not true and Tribulus has limited use a testosterone booster. It’s just been the product of clever marketing.

Longifolia (LongJack)

Whilst there are studies that support the use of LongJack as an aphrodisiac and pro fertility agent, ultimately there is a lacking amount of evidence to support it’s use as a testosterone booster.

Not worth your money or time really.


A proven ingredient that helps increase the production of lutenizing hormone.

This is then converted to testosterone in the testes. Fenugreek is tried and tested and works best at a dose of 100mg spread through the day.


DIM or (Diindolylmethane) looks like it’s going to get some good praise as a testosterone booster. But this is just from the bodybuilding market and there isn’t a huge amount of science to back this up yet.


Cayenne contains capsicum, which will help your body heat up and increase the metabolism.

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Moore Muscle Moore Test Dose

4 capsules spread through the day is the most effective way to ensure your body is going to increase your testosterone levels. It’s good that Moore Muscle follows this serving size.

All market leading and proven tesosterone boosters work this way.

It’s very frustrating to see Moore Muscle using a proprietary blend however, as this means you can’t actually see the individual doses of the ingredients and the impact it’ll have on your testosterone levels.

Moore Muscle Moore Test Side Effects

DIM may cause some unwanted side effects at higher doses, but we doubt Moore muscle has enough of this ingredient to warrant concern.

Generally with natural testosterone boosters you are going to have far less side effects as the ingredients are completely natural, tested and safe.

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Moore Muscle Moore Test Review Conclusion

This is a safe product.

But, it may also be a weak product. There’s a few ingredients in here that will be limited in terms of their testosterone boosting and muscle building effects.

It’s also hard to say what sort of results you can expect from this product as the ingredients are all hidden in a proprietary blend.

If you are taking something that is going to boost testosterone, you need to be sure that the ingredients are in the correct dose and work. Not risking something that hides these doses.


Moore Muscle Moore Test Review Conclusion
  • 4.5/10
    Moore Muscle Moore Test Review Conclusion - 4.5/10

Moore Muscle Moore Test Review Conclusion

A fairly solid testosterone booster, ruined by the fact it uses a proprietary blend. Check our top 3 for better, proven boosters.

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