Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review

This is a full Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review. We will take a look at side effects, dosage, costs and most importantly, the ingredients.  This is a good looking product from a solid supplement brand.  At first glance the ingredients looks fairly solid and standard of any pre workout.

Pricing wise the product is fairly competitive on the market and it offers a good standard serving too. Let’s take a look at an ingredients breakdown and see if it can match our current road tested top 3.

Core Ingredients

This has a good solid list of pre workouts ingredients. There’s a couple in here which could be taken out to avoid any unwanted side effects. But on the whole we are extremely impressed with what we see.

Here’s a breakdown of the main ones and the effects you can expect from Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout.


This should be the main focus of any pre workout supplement as it allows the blood to carry more nutrients to muscles, giving you that almighty pump. The dose in Pulse is extremely high, at 8g.

For effective results you shouldn’t need more than 4-5g, which means some of this will be wasted, especially if you double scoop.

Beta Alanine

This amino acid will help with performance and has a big dose in this supplement. Personally, the side effects of such a large dose will make the training session too uncomfortable, as beta alanine gives an itching sensation when you supplement it.

We avoiding this and still got solid results from all the products in our top 3.

Betaine Anhydrous

Some studies have proven that this can improve performance in people who exercise regularly. However this is far from conclusive and there isn’t much else to support it outside of bodybuilding forums and supplement websites.

It is thought it works in a similar way to creatine, by promoting cellular hydration.


A non essential amino acid that is involved in the body’s production of the growth hormone. This goes very well with the L-Citrulline in this product, however many people suggest to get best results you need to be supplementing it before bedtime.


A standard in pre workouts. There is a VERY high dose in Legion which will probably lead to some unwanted side effects and crashes after taking it, and would potentially make a double scoop quite intense.


Good when combined with caffeine as it promotes focus. Allowing the energy you are feeling to be channeled better and give you less distractions. Again dosed fairly highly in this product.

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Dose

Our concerns regarding the dosing of this product are regarding the caffeine and the potential side effects from the beta alanine. They recommend a double rounded scoop, so if you double this dose this to 3/4 scoops, you are getting 400-700mg of caffeine, which is a bad amount and will make you feel pretty crappy.

Other than these issues the dosing of other ingredients will be effective.

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Side Effects

Again, the side effects from so much caffeine could be a little too strong. You want to smash a workout, not be so dosed up you are confused.

The same goes for the Beta Alanine, you can get such bad itches and tickles from this ingredient it’s really not worth supplementing as a pre workout for the benefits of it.

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Cost

This pre workout carries a reasonable cost of $39.95 from the company website. A similar price to any of our premium top 3, that also have ingredients that will deliver the same results without any of the nasty side effects. See our top 3 here.

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A good product that will be perfect for some people, but could be a little too much to handle for others. We like the ingredients save for the beta alanine and caffeine dose and the product itself looks good and is reasonably affordable.

For hands on reviews of the best pre workouts though, check out our current top 3.

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Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review Conclusion
  • 7.2/10
    Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 7.2/10

Legion Athletics Pulse Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A solid product, but one that will carry some side effects so use sparingly if you want to avoid them.

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