Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Review

A monster in the gym and bedroom? Or just a monster waste of money?

Boosting testosterone is something that can have huge benefits if you get it right. Innovate Labs testosterone booster is Monter Plexx. The product promises to be a Maximum Pro-Hypertrophic Muscle Matrix. You don’t need to worry about exactly what that means though.

As it just looks like it will help promote a good anabolic environment, meaning your body can naturally crack on with boosting your testosterone levels.

The product contains 3 proprietary blends. Each with a big blend of natural and chemical ingredients in them.

This isn’t a great start, as generally, non natural products have a higher chance of giving you unwanted side effects.

When you include the fact you can’t see the individual doses of ingredients it’s really not good at all.

Let’s take a closer look at the blends and see if there is anything overly risky in Monster Plexx.

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Core Ingredients

Like we said, Monster Plexx is a blend packed full of sythesised prohormone components.

  • Max LMG – provides maximum gains with little water retention

  • ATD – an aromatase inhibitor that inhibits estrogen biosynthesis

  • Dymethazine – excellent for lean, dry muscle gains

  • Superdrol – for advanced users that previous experience with prohormone cycles and several years of proper lifting and dieting

  • Halodrol – solid increases in strength, lean muscle mass, improved vascularity and minimal water retention – Source

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Ingredients

Whilst it’s fair that these are all legal components, you need to understand that they can carry some side effects.

You will need a PCT supplement after you have finished your course of Monster Plexx.

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Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Dose

The doses of each ingredient are hidden. But you can see that this product does also offer some liver protection.

You need one capsule in the morning and one around 8 hours later to get the best from Monster Plexx.

Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Side Effects

Remember pro hormones can potentially cause very heavy side effects. So you need to ensure you are seriously into lifting before considering this supplement.

Common side effects are headaches and nausea, but other more serious ones could occur.

It’s also essential you purchase a PCT supplement after you have finished your first cycle of Monster Plexx, to help regulate increased levels of hormones.

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Innovative Labs Monster Plexx Review Conclusion

This is a serious supplement that we don’t doubt will be very good at what it does.

But again, this is for people who are fully committed to lifting at a professional or semi pro level.

Be cautious if you do purchase and ensure you are well read on the product to minimise negative effects.

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