Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review

Just spent about an hour cleaning the car. Not exactly the gym session I’d hoped this evening, but life always gets in the way. Finding a reliable and natural way of adding testosterone can be tough. Something that can always take hours too. My Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review might make that journey easier for you.

Once you get a reliable test booster that works for you, keep hold of it. It makes every day loads better, especially when you hit the gym or have sex.

Inner Armour’s testosterone booster is Anabolic Test, this product uses a blend of natural ingredients to naturally promote a boost in testosterone.

The benefits you can expect from a reliable and good testosterone booster are:

  • Muslce building
  • Energy and mood boosting
  • Libido increase
  • Fat loss

There are some ingredients that do work, at correct doses and others that don’t. You need clincally proven doses of key ingredients. Let’s take a look and see if that’s what you get with Anabolic Test.


Inner Armour Anabolic Test Core Ingredients

Already a little bit frustrated at the ingredients in this product.

Inner Armour have hidden the individual doses in a proprietary blend. This means you cannot see the individual amounts of what you are taking.

This is bad as it could lead to unwanted side effects, or, more likely, a product full of the cheaper ingredients.

Zinc and Magnesium

Solid testosterone boosting minerals. Both help with the reglulation and creation of hormones including testoerone.

They are also essential minerals for normal bodily function and energy levels.


Proven to increase the luteinizing hormone, this is then converted to testosterone in the testes.

Fenugreek has been studied a few times and is a natural and proven testosterone boosting herb. This needs to be in any natural booster you buy.


Isn’t much to say in favour of this herb. It was used in the 80’s as Soviet trainers through it acted similar to steroids, but studies done on tribulus proved it did essentially nothing.

We’ve even supplemented just tribulus in the past, but never had any results from it. Save your money.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is reported to work by preventing the breakdown of testosterone in the testes. There is currently no full and conclusive studies on this.

It is thought that is can add to overall prostate health though, so can’t be discounted as a booster.

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Inner Armour Anabolic Test Dose

Ultimately as we can’t see the individual doses of the ingredients in Anabolic Test it’s hard to say what will be effective and what will not.

The fact is that some of the ingredients in this booster need 200mg+ to be fully effective, and the 767mg proprietary blend won’t go a long way with this.

You are better off looking for a product that shows you a complete set of ingredients, and can reference studies to prove the clinical doses of it’s ingredients!

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Inner Armour Anabolic Test Side Effects

There shouldn’t be an bad side effects from this product. It’s ingredients are generally completely safe and the doses of each will probably be fairly small.

Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review Conclusion

This is a fairly solid testosterone booster, but it does just need some ingredients tweaking and the proprietary blend removing for it to be worth it.

There are far better natural boosters on the market using essentials like Oyster Extract, DAA and Vitamin D3, that guarantee results.

Once again, this product looks good and chances are you may get some benefits, but ultimately it falls short of the mark of top testosterone boosters.

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Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review Conclusion
  • 5.5/10
    Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review Conclusion - 5.5/10

Inner Armour Anabolic Test Review Conclusion

A good effort, but a proprietary blend means you can’t see what you are taking and the ingredients are most likely under dosed.

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