Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Review

2 hours on the punch bag tonight and I’m feeling powerful and pumped for this Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Review.

Boosting T levels can be really hard, especially if they’ve come crashing down as you get older. A solid booster can provide a natural environment for those hormones to boost themselves up and you get all the benefits of more muscle, energy and libido.

We’re instantly a little turned off by Level Up as it uses a proprietary blend. Meaning we can’t actually see the individual doses of ingredients. This is potentially problematic as the product could be full of cheaper less effective ingredients.

Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Core Ingredients

Like we said, there’s potential here for a less effective product full of cheaper ingredients.

In a market so full of decent testosterone boosters it’s hard to justify any company using a proprietary blend.

The ingredients in Level Up look like a standard blend of herbs with a few chemical compounds in. This isn’t ideal either as it means that you may have more side effects, or be able to supplement that product for a shorter period.

There’s also a lack of key vitamins, shown to boost your natural testosterone, like vitamin D for example.

Bulbine Natalensis

Originally this is a herb from Africa. However some studies have shown it can be fairly toxic when supplemented. There is some evidence to support it’s role in testosterone production, however there is also potential for some side effects.


Tribulus doesn’t do anything for testosterone production.

This is a bit of a shame as it’s so widely used. However a few various studies have proven this to be true. Worth avoiding if you are serious about boosting your testosterone.


DIM (Diindolylmethane) looks reasonably promising as a testosterone boosting ingredient, but there just aren’t enough studies yet for this to be conclusive.

The problem is is that to avoid side effects you really want around 100mg of this ingredient.

Horny Goat Weed

Another ancient herb that’s thought to boost libido and increase testosterone production in men by allowing more free testosterone.

This isn’t backed by science though and should be replaced with something like Oyster Extract if you really want to boost your test levels.

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Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Dose

The doses of ingredients in this product are hidden. Which is slightly alarming given that DIM is reported to cause side effects over the 100mg mark.

Generally any good testosterone booster will show you exact amounts of ingredients and why they are included in the product.

Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Side Effects

DIM side effects may include some feelings of nausea if the amounts of this ingredient is too high.

The way to get around this is to just check your tolerance with one capsule when you first start supplementing.

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Goldstar Level Up Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

This is a bit of a gamble as far as testosterone boosters go.

Any product that hides individual doses of ingredients is not worth the risk. You are far better off looking for a product with a full clinically dosed amounts of proven testosterone boosting ingredients.


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