Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Review

What happens when you put GOLD in a pre workout? Nothing too exciting turns out…

I was absolutely buzzing when I saw that Gamma Labs had created a pre workout around GOLD. Mostly because it reminds me of that alcohol with gold in it too.

But, novelty aside, is this pre workout going to bring you results? For it’s heavy price tag you should be expecting some.

As far as pre workouts go we’ve got a fairly basic, yet proven set of pre workouts ingredients. Maybe even slightly under dosed when compared to others.

The product does look and feel great though, so let’s take a closer look.

Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile in 24k is pretty good, but the doses seem to be on the smaller size of what you’d expect from a pre workout.

This isn’t all bad, as it means you can safely double scoop, but as this is probably the most expensive pre workout on the market you’re probably want to keep it to single doses at a time.

Overall the blend looks to be safe and mostly natural, ensuring minimal unwanted side effects.

Beta Alanine

We don’t really like this ingredient in supplements. Whilst you do get marginal improvements in strength, it comes with a horrible side effect.

Parasthesia. This is a very distracting and uncomfortable under the skin itching feeling. A little annoying that this is in here.


Creatine at lower doses helps with cognition. Whilst you get good strength gains from 4+ grams, you’ll feel more alert with a dose like this.


Gets you a pump by increasing blood flow.

This occurs through increased nitric oxide uptake. This will ensure a better delivery of nutrients to your muscle while you train and should be an essential pre workout ingredient.


Arginine is what is converted into the amino acid L-Citrulline in the liver.

It doesn’t work very well at all when supplemented orally so is a bit pointless in pre workouts.


A staple for a pre workout and dosed well in Gamma Labs 24k.

Caffeine will help increase sensitivity with the central nervous system supporting better endurance and mood. It’s fully backed by scientific research too.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is an ingredient that will help with neuromuscular performance and increase the amount of chemicals released in the brain as you train.

This will mean that your workouts are improved and you will benefit from increased focus and alertness. You may experience some side effects when dosing this ingredient, so check your tolerance.


Will again help with cognition and athletic performance. A good addition to a pre workout, but we’d rather see an increased amount of caffeine as opposed to this.

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Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Dose

The low doses of some ingredients mean it can safely double scooped.

The blend should also get you reasonable results without causing intense side effects. Unless maybe you get clogged up with the gold.

This product will also deliver a good amount of key pre workout nutrients helping with energy.

One problem however lies with the use of beta alanine though. But we will get to that in side effects.

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Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Side Effects

Side effects from this product and it’s high dose of beta alanine will most like be intense itching and skin tingling.

This can be very distracting especially if you are tuned into a session.

You may also experience some energy crashes from the caffeine, however it’s dosed low enough for this to be safe with a single scoop.

Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Essentially this is a fairly standard pre workout. But with the gimmick it contains gold.

You could do worse than buy it for effectiveness, but the heavy price tag means it’s not really worth it’s weight in gold. Which is a little disappointing.

If they’d have made it a little more affordable chances are it would’ve made it’s way into our top 3.


  • 7/10
    Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Review Conclusion - 7.0/10

Gamma Labs 24K Pre Workout Review Conclusion

A solid pre workout blend. With an extremely heavy price tag. Will get you results, but there are better cooler products out there for your money.

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